Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Happiness Project Revealed!

So on Sunday 10 April 2011, I joined Naomi (from Seven Cherubs) with about 80 others in the happiness project.

The deal was a to write a sentence every day from 10 April to 10 May about the things that made you happy and grateful.  These sentences were to be collected and then posted aka revealed some time after 10 May 2011.

So my little brain wave was to start a draft blog post and put all my happy thoughts aka sentences in it to be revealed at the end.  So here we go.

Sunday 10 April 2011 – Lunch with friends, Hot chocolate from Koko Black (yum), new second hand DS for Girl child (hurray for 2 year warranties), lunch invitation once I have an answer, love from the family and a nice warm bath with a book.

Monday 11 April – Girl child stayed home from school with a cough (the happy part is she cried because she couldn't go to school not because she was going to school!), so we enjoyed a day at home together – Nice.

Tuesday 12 April – Despite Girl child being sent home after 50 minutes of school she actually made it to school, I had coffee with friends – twice, Mr E finished dinner when I needed a break and another relaxing  bath.

Wednesday 13 April – Spur of the moment invitations to coffee by two lots of people (I did decaf!), finally told that Dr had my test results and wants to see me, Girl child managed a whole day at school and I was in bed by 9.30.

Thursday 14 April – School Photo day for Girl Child (can’t wait to see them), Dr Appointment for test results, coffee with a different friend! (way more coffee dates this week than normal – how cool), watching day at dance and a scan that proves I have a brain – WOOT.

Friday 15 April – Brain normal, (really – LOL), lunch with DFF – lovely person, more tests, gorgeous caring family.

Saturday 16 April – School holidays, swimming lessons, family.

Sunday 17 April – Just a quiet day at home, Yay.

Monday 18 April – Drive to visit friends, home made GF profiteroles – yummo, nice spending time with friends.

Tuesday19 April -  Day at home, just me and the kids, no school runs, no homework, Bliss.

Wednesday 20 April – Washed dogs at the local car wash (yes there is a dog wash there), children decided to walk the dogs home – in the rain, very glad the kids wanted to be together and with the dogs, chicken schnitzel for dinner.

Thursday 21 April -  Caught up with High School friends and their families, wow, lunch out playing at a park, great time.

Friday 22 April – Good Friday, all of us driving to see family, spending night with my grandmother, loving having Mr E with us away from home.

Saturday 23 April – Catching up with my sister and her husband (haven't seen them since 2009), staying with my grandmother, going to stay my aunt and uncle.

Sunday 24 April – Picnic with my Aunt and Uncles church, caught up with some of my cousins, saw my youngest relative,  photos of my beautiful children with their cousins, more time with my sister and her husband, Lovely dinner out.

Monday 25 April – Anzac Day, remembering those who have fought, back at Grandmothers, dinner out again!

Tuesday 26 April – Saw Hop with my kids and grandmother, took her home and went back to my uncle and aunts where they had a family dinner for 17 people, great to catch up with my cousins and their kids again and even more catching up with the ones who had been away.

Wednesday 27April – Aunt took Boy to Art Gallery, Girl and I had bonding time with book shopping, and ice cream, home to Mr E and sleeping in my own bed.

Thursday 28 April- First day back at home, Nothing happened except a play date for girl child, great to be at home.

Friday 29April –  A friends' birthday, Smiley Dog probably not yet blind – Yay, Good news day.

Saturday 30 April – Back to swimming lessons – Girl child is much more confident and doing so well, went to Roller Derby for the first time ever (the half I got to see was good), dinner out at an Asian restaurant and Boy Child actually ate something – OMG, impressive.

Sunday 1 May -  Sleep in and a nap, what more could a girl want?

Monday 2 May – School back – yay, Dr’s Appointment confirms decision to leave that practice, 2 coffee dates with friends, lovely.

Tuesday  3 May – No school runs (both kids home), quiet day at home.

Wednesday 4 May  – Boy child back at school after both sick yesterday, Girl child almost made it back another quiet home day.

Thursday 5 May – Girl at school – hurray, hung out at Mother’s Day stall at Girl Child’s school with great stuff, extremely grateful that my Girl will follow instructions, happy that one angry adult can get a bunch of teenagers off 2 little kids, got my kids and a spare to dance on time, takeaway for dinner!

Friday 6 May  - Grateful that Girl Child’s school took recent events between the big kids and little kids seriously,  two Coffee dates with different people in the morning followed by lunch with a different friend,  saw the new Dr who listened, new meds for pain.

Saturday 7 May – New meds good, First dinner out with Mr E. and no children since December 2009, met his friends from work, loved being grown ups, huge thanks to the volunteer child sitter.

Sunday 8 May – Mother’s Day, lovely presents from family, pancakes for breakfast, nap number two for the weekend, bath with bath bomb I received for gift.

Monday 9 May – Friend rang to check up on me, I made a lovely shepherd’s pie for dinner, Mr E finished it off while I was out with Boy, cheese on top it was very yummy.

Tuesday 10 May – Saw new Dr again who is still listening, Hurray!, Coffee with a friend, Phone call with another  friend who cares, I am so very grateful for my friends and family, they care and haven’t asked me to shut up about my headache yet!

And that is that!  It appears that most of my happiness revolves around coffee and food.  Seriously a few months ago that list would have included chocolate.  However, I have worked out that I spending a lot of time more having coffee recently.  And for me coffee is a social catch-up thing so that must mean I have more friends this year.

Of course, family is important in my life too.  My family makes me happy, even on days when they drive me nuts.  Did you play along with Naomi? If so link up so we can all check out the things that make you happy.

A huge Thank you goes out to Naomi for running this Happiness Project. 

Oh, here's the linky:


Miss Mandy said...

coffee and food are a great combination.

Leanne said...

Wow! You did it. you actually did it! I was supposed to ... but then I didn't. I love your commitment. And I loved being one of your happy's.

Naomi said...

Thanks so much for joining in the happiness project. I love how you shared your outings with friends and family, how lovely that you are surrounded by people who care about you and support you. Love how your happiness is connected to social outings and that things are going well health wise. Naomi x


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