Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just dropping by

To say…Hi.  Really that’s all there was to this post.  I went interstate for to visit relatives for a few days and I only got back last night. I was going to just say hi and then write a post on what we did etc.

Until I discovered this morning that Lulu (from Lulu and the Cyclone and an Unperfect Life) had passed away.  Her family lost Amy (Lulu’s sister) last week and held her funeral on Friday. Then Lulu also died.  That’s 4 children without mothers and when you add Lori’s Tony it’s 6 children who have lost a parent in the past little while.  People I have never met but who’s lives have been shared through blogs.  And I’m sad. 

The floods have mostly abated (in Queensland and NSW, that is) and the clean up for some has begun.There are families who are have lost so much. Family, friends and possessions to name some.  I know Victorian’s are still bracing for more floods and I hope that the warning for them is enough to help save lives.

So this post is not the post I was going to write but I thought maybe if I cleared my head I could sleep tonight without all this grief and loss preying on my mind.

I think that the image I finished my pensive ramblings post with was premature.  So instead I give you this:


From We Heart It


Madmother said...

I know! Sorry for delay in getting back to you, will send e-mail now. (We had a blackout and then I was at work).

Ratz said...

I did follow through these sudden happenings... all so so sad and disheartening.

Simply Me said...

People often everything happens for a reason and at times like these you just wonder WHY ..I pray for strength for the families who've lost their loved ones .. you take care !

E. said...

I think we can all take hope from the strength and support that people across the world have shown to those affected by these tragedies.

I have been impressed by the outpouring of grief and sympathy.

Let's all take care. I think the only way for 2011 is up!


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