Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thankful Thursday 9 Feb 2012

I’m joining in with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for school starting again!  Yes I am one of those parents who struggles with the Christmas school holidays.  The 6 weeks seems to drag for me. I work at home and my work doesn’t stop during the holidays so I feel like I am constantly saying “I’m working right now and I’ll and see / play with you / feed you soon”.

I am thankful that  Girl Child has gotten ready for school relatively quickly so far and we have been on time for school. It could have been close this morning as she didn't actually get up until 8.20.

I am thankful that Boy Child is doing well and seems to be coping okay even though he doesn't have a single teacher from last year (except for roll group which is 5 minutes every morning).  For a child with Aspergers he is coping with the changes remarkably well.

I am thankful that we are doing fine while Mr E is away in Sydney this week. Last week, the kids and I went to the coast  for 3 days and let’s just say that I was not a very calm mother while we were away.  I was afraid that this week would be similar but it’s going well – so much better than I hoped.

I’m grateful that Dr Jesse gave me a med that helps my head. Due to an issue at the chemist I have been unable to have it for 3 days. While i am much better than last year, I can feel the lack of the migraine med.  Hopefully I will get a new prescription today (it takes 2 days) because I took the last one I had on Monday

I am especially thankful that the volunteer webmaster role that I took on (sort of by accident) is not trying my patience as much.  There is still more work than I expected but I’m coping better with it. 

I think I might be getting my motivation to blog back too! That’s another thing for me to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for? Why not join in over at Kate Says Stuff?


coloursofsunset said...

6 weeks seems like such a long time to have to entertain kids who are used to going to school and being challenged on a daily basis! I can understand being excited that school is back. hopefully you can all settle easily back into routine again.

happylan said...

It's great that the school year is starting off so smoothly, especially wit the Mr being away. May it be a sign of a smooth-sailing year ahead.

SportyMummy said...

Hello! I'm just reading your blog for the first time. I'd just like to say that I was thankful that my girls went back to school too. While there can be some great moments in the summer holidays, two months (for us) can be a looooong time (with a lot of not so great moments in there too!)

Suzi said...

I was thankful school went back too!!
I shouldn't whinge though, mine went back before yours... Hope you get your meds soon :(

Tracy said...

I'm glad the start of the school year has gone so smoothly for you. I've only just gotten my motivation to blog back too.. I'm hoping it lasts for a while!

Leanne said...

HI E! That's some great thankfuls. I hope you get your pain medication soon. I have had bad headaches for weeks as well (mine coming from neck and back) so I can feel your pain and associated frustration. Having said that, I don't have a headache right now so I am THANKFUL for that!

Kate said...

Hooray for bloggy mojo!!

Also pain meds are the bomb. Big big fan here ;)


Marita said...

Thank goodness for migraine medicines, they make life bearable.

MultipleMum said...

You have a lot to be thankful for. Well done on finding the positive side of life. I hope the chemist sorts out your prescription before the migraines come back! x

Jess@Diary of a SAHM said...

I'm thankful school has gone back also! Makes like soooo much easier! :)

Diane said...

Lots of great stuff to be thankful for!

Your school must start much later in the mornings there. My 8 year old has to be there no later than 7:35 and my 12 year old has to be there by 8:00. My alarm goes off at 6:15 and I hit snooze 4 times before I get up at 6:30. I'm so not a morning person!


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