Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's been a busy 24 or so hours

We have been busy seeing things here that we can't at home and spent one night in a hotel at Darling Harbour. Last night we saw Happy Feet 2 here:

This morning we had breakfast here:

This afternoon we were looking at this:

Tonight we are staying near these letter boxes.  

Tomorrow we are going home.  Hurray, I really miss Mr E! I think I'll have a lot a blog posts to catch up on when I get home, too.


Joanne said...

A busy schedule but at least there was chocolate!

heavenisabookstore said...

Ur in Australia? How did I miss that? I am SO jealous and that place looks oh so yummy!

Kimberly said...

Busy but it sounded like it was a good busy!

Lisa said...

Chocolate Cafe... now THAT'S my idea of a good breakfast!

Melissa said...

There's a chocolate cafe BESIDES the Lindt one? How do you Southern people get all of the luck????

And how did you survive that day? That's busy!

Anella said...

I am back in blogger land, hope all is well with you. SO very jealous of the Guylian Cafe!! My favourite chocolates ever. I need to visit there!!


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