Monday, 24 January 2011

12 Year old Boy Attitude

Last night I did something I have been putting off for a VERY, long time! Please get your mind out of the gutter people.  It’s not sex.

I let Boy Child have a friend sleep over. That’s right, I had two 12 year old boys in my house over night.  I must say there was not much sleeping going on.  The term sleepover is a complete misnomer.  They were still awake, talking and laughing at 1.20am.  And that was when I finally went to bed.  Then they were up again about 7.30a.m.  Given Boy Child has spent a lot of the school holidays sleeping until midday (gotta love those hormones), he has had a lot of 12 Year old boy attitude today.

Now this attitude has extended into some disparaging comments about my parenting.  Things such as ”You just want us to take her because you are too lazy” after I asked Boy Child and Friend to take Girl Child to the park. I don’t know…I think the fact that they had been playing video games for around 2 hours may have had something to do with my request.    They did go to the park…for about 10 minutes. 

When I told Boy Child that he couldn’t do something with Friend this afternoon there was more attitude.  Come on guys you have been together for over 24 hours straight by this point.  Plus we had things to do this afternoon.

Unfortunately, Boy child wasn't not thrilled by news of what I had planned for this afternoon.  You see, we were doing a test run of the bus route to school. Now Boy Child is still not that impressed with the school he will be attending for High School or with the fact that he will need to catch the bus.

Maybe it’s a ASD thing, a general perception thing or just a him but apparently he hates public transport.  Which is am improvement on he hates all motorised transport. So the whole bus thing was always going to be an issue.  I had planned to start this in the October holidays but time got away from us and Boy seemed to be of the impression that we would let him go to the local school. Every time I mentioned it he would become angry or upset.

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While we were away in Sydney recently, we caught two buses so apparently Boy knew all about it.  Pity he didn't seem to know that you needed to catch the bus on the opposite side of the road in order to go in the opposite direction, or that when I said we would need to be on the bus for about 35 minutes it would take, umm about 35 minutes, or that a few different buses run along the road where he will need to catch the bus home from school so he will actually need to know which bus number to catch.

He now seems to know what he is doing although I will do a trial one with him by himself and us meeting him somewhere before school.  According to Boy Child no other parents would make their kids have a trial run on the bus and I’m just paranoid form making him do it.  I’m also mean for asking him what bus number he needs to catch. 

I’m the only mother you have. Sadly I think he has put some thought into that.  He did say he could pretend to be an orphan and get a new mother.

Yeah whatever, kid.  These 7 weeks of holidays seems to be taking forever.  I think I’m going to be glad when you go back to school. Either that or I’ll take up drinking (maybe even both.) Regardless, I love you!

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Simply Me said...

hahahaha ..that is some attitude ' get a new mother ' but you gotta love kids ..
infact isn't it strange that when you're at this stage all you wanna do is grow up , have the freedom to do , eat , drink , say what you want only to realize its not as much fun as you thought it would be .. ah the innocence of childhood !!


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