Monday, 10 January 2011

Pensive ramblings

Earlier, (on Friday actually) I was writing a post  about how 2011 was going for me and how I was doing instead of trying and the things I have actually done to met my goals. Then some news was blogged about a Australian Mummy Blogger’s husband was in ICU. Many bloggers I read rallied around.  Prayers are being sent and money is being raised Australia wide and even overseas.  Then I read that a different Blogger’s sister had died suddenly.  I’m so very sorry for these families and I think of them often, just as I think of those who lost family members and friends recently as well.

I’ve been happily surprised at the out pouring of support for these two families.  Happily surprised, I guess because I have a low opinion of human nature, of expecting people to talk the walk but not actually walk the walk.  This outpouring of support has shown that people do care about others.  That people can be friends without having ever met, after having just emailed or chatted on line. 

So I’m opening up my life to you bloggy peeps.  Will you be my friend?  Are you already my friend and I have just had you in the wrong box (one labelled acquaintance or blogger instead of friend) and how do you tell the difference? How on earth does friendship  work when you never actually met?

Right.  Now I have once again shown how warped interesting my thoughts on friendship are back to the subjects at hand. If you have never read Lori or Lulu, maybe you could drop by.  I’m sure they would both appreciate the support.

It is probably too early for this but sometimes I think we all need this sentiment:



Jacki said...

I agree completely, it's so heartening the way everybody has rallied. I donated some money to Lori because I wanted to let her know that I care about her and her family.
I've started to think of some of my readers as friends, the comments they leave have lifted my spirits when I've needed it. It's just a different kind of friendship...
Love your new look, by the way! It's lovely and vibrant!

Being Me said...

I don't think it's too early for sentiment like that at all. It is true. And many people find great comfort in holding to that (and similar) in really difficult times. The www is large enough that there's something for everyone, including seeking solace in a way that comforts individuals no matter whether they need to fully immerse themselves in the reality of a situation or know it's there but not focus on it so intently. It's all good if it remains in correct intent and isn't hurting anyone, just MHO.

Like Jacki, I too have come to see a lot of my regular commenters as friends. I only wish I knew more of my regular readers... I know there are quite a few of them but they never show themselves to me and I would adore to learn more about them. Such is life, I don't really mind anymore (but it'd be great to connect!).


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