Sunday, 1 January 2012

1 Jan 2012

So, how was your New Year? Ours was pretty good. We went into the city, had dinner and saw the early fireworks.  It was nice.

You may remember that that I said I would be joining Chantal with her Photo A Day challenge for January 2012 which consists of:

So despite wanting anonymity I am going to post a photo of me for this challenge.  So here goes, this is me.
Now that didn't feel so bad, I guess.  I'm going to post this on Twitter too. 


Lee said...

Lovely to see you! It sounds like an interesting challenge.

I wanted anonymity to begin with too and then I changed my mind for some reason. I just felt okay about it all I guess.

Hope 2012 is a wonderful one for you.

Kakka said...

Nice to see you, and what a great challenge, I look forward to checking out your photos throughout January. xxx

Madmother said...

Now I will know you when we finally meet!

Leanne said...

Wooo hoooo! Look at you. Yay E ....

E. said...

Thanks everyone.

I hate photos of me, let alone putting them out in the public domain. But I was feeling kind of brave when I did this.


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