Friday, 21 January 2011

What? I’m stylish?

One day a long, long time ago (pre floods and the other heartbreaking events) I was passed the Stylish blogger Award by Kylie aka Mrs P.  Kylie has a really great blog and takes gorgeous photos.  Check out her her header and her A Pic A Day posts to see some more.  Thank you Kylie!

To play I have to -

* Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award.
* Share 7 things about myself.
* Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
* Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

Seven things about me...I think I will talk about my fashion sense or lack of it!

  1. You may already know that I am a jeans and T-shirt girl. I thought I should make it clear.
  2. I rarely wear make-up and am fairly bad at doing it.  Which helps explain why when Girl Child needs makeup for the dance concert I have great difficultly.
  3. I wear runners (despite the fact I don’t actually run) or boots unless I am wearing a dress or skirt.  Last year I branched out and bought a pair of ballet flats.  Now I didn't go for the sparkly type no, these are basic denim. And I have actually worn them! Yes I am impressed with myself.
  4. I often wear Mr E.’s T-shirts. They are quite large on me but I seem to forget to wash my shirts and he seems to have way more than I do. 
  5. The majority of my T-shirts are I.T. branded  that MR E. has been given which don’t fit him.  He has T-shirts from Think Geek and Jinx.
  6. I bought a dress in November for a work Christmas party.  The party was cancelled due to Girl Child having chicken pox.  I did wear it on Christmas Day and hopefully we will be having a work function in February or I can wear it again then as well.
  7. During the December 2010 Chicken Pox epidemic (okay just one case) I spent a significant number of those 14 days in my pyjamas.  Why bother getting dressed when you can’t leave the house?

So now that you know more about my less than stylishness I am handballing this on. Here are some of the he stylish bloggers that I currently read (some new and some less so but all high on my list):

1. Pink Patent Mary Janes

2. Melissa from Suger Coat It!

3. Heidi from Heaven is a bookstore

4. Thea over at Do I really wanna blog?

5. Simply Me My Reflections

6. Alliecat over at In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat

7. Being Me who posts from a place where life is mostly Sunnyside Up

8. Kristen of  Wanderlust fame

9. Bron with Big Brother, Little Sister

10. Ratz with What Can I Say?

11. Diane from Be still a minute

12. Maxabella from Maxabella Loves

13. Alison over at I'm thinking of starting a blog

14. Allison who has a Life in a Pink Fibro

15. Lucy from Diminishing Lucy

I hope you all enjoy this award.  You are all very stylish bloggers and I’m proud to know you all!


Madmother said...

They are! xx

Ratz said...

Oooh! Some secrets... I like jeans much... i would wear them with dress... that much... Thanks for the award E... :-D

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh bless your socks - thank you! I love how different we are (you, jeans and t-shirts, me, only wear dresses...) but still adore each other's blogs x

Being Me said...

You know what, you're the kind of chick I really enjoy spending time around. I don't have to bust my boiler making more effort than I would normally cos it sounds like we dress similar ;P You're so delusional, though, calling me stoylish! lol. Thank you, m'love xx

Thea said...

Oh, Yay!! Thank you so much.
I love the 7 things about you, too funny!! :)

alliecat said...

Wow, thanks! Stylish? Me? In blog only I think. I know I have adopted that mum uniform of jeans and t-shirt, but really, the mum bit is only an excuse, I still know I'd dress like that even without the kids!


Maxabella said...

Ah, you're lovely (and Stylish, obviously!!)! I am very happy to be thought of in such esteemed company. There are a couple of blogs on here that I haven't met, so I'll be sure to stop by.

Loved reading about your wardrobe and beauty regime - I love learning little tidbits about how other people manage it all. x

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Thanks hun! You know what a big fan I am of your blog. We're like blog twinnies, starting out together and looking out for each other along the way.

Thank for the award lovely.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Thanks so much E. - reading through your list I see that we have much in common... There are a few blogs on the list that are new to me, so I can't wait to go visit.

Wanderlust said...

Aw, thanks E! I don't think I've ever made anyone's stylish list before! Like you I'm a jeans and t-shirts girl (or this time of year in Kansas, a jeans and sweaters girl). x

E. said...

I'm glad you all liked your award. And I think it's great and most of you are jeans girls like myself.

And MM - yes they are are all very stylish. So are you!


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