Thursday, 29 December 2011


What on earth would make me willing set the alarm for 7 am during the holidays? Getting my car serviced. Now while that is not very exciting itself it's the fact that I have actually left the house ALONE! I am completely and utterly by myself, if you discount all the other people in the shopping centre I have wandered into.

So I am drinking coffee here:

The thing is that I really love my family but I also need my space. the fact that Girl Child and I have been getting on each others nerves and I have been counting down the days until school goes back (still over 5 weeks away for those playing at home) means I need some space before I completely lose the plot.

So I am thankful for car servicing, today being the only day that Girl Child has slept in and for Mr E. who gets that I need my space. Who knows, by lunchtime I may have decompressed enough to want to have lunch with my family.

Today I joining in with Kate from Kate Says Stuff for the last Thankful Thursday of 2011.

Drop by and see what else people are thankful for!

In case this is my last post for the year, see you on the flip side when I will be joining in with Chantal for her Photo a day challenge for January 2012.


Psych Babbler™ said...

It is nice to have your own space, isn't it? I know I have moments like that with my partner too...and if and when I do have kids, you'll bet I'll want it then as well. Good luck for the rest of the holidays! :) And best wishes for the New Year!

Rhianna said...

Alone? Sorry me no understand the concept? I can't remember the last time I was out and alone. Hope you enjoyed your day. May the year ahead be filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

Jess@DiaryofaSAHM said...

I think the best bit about being alone, is actually enjoying missing your kids, and wanting to get back to them.

Enjoy your time out and Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

We all need a little space sometimes. In the first years after my marriage broke up I lived for every other weekend when my boys went to their dad's house. I would often go the entire weekend without talking to anybody. The solitude was absolute bliss!

All the best for the next 5 weeks!

Kate said...

Oh alone time, such a huge blessing on the rare occasions it happens! Glad you got to enjoy a coffee in peace :)

Jayne said...

Alone time is a must, even if it's only for a short while.

I hope you get to enjoy a little more of it over the next five weeks!

Sif said...

I know just what you're talking about. I used to do the grocery shopping alone to decompress, LOL. The things we do, hey? Hope you managed to get enough decompression time.


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