Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jan Photo A Day #3

Today's theme is Adore. So while I'm away from home I'll take whatever I can get....only kidding. I have taken a photo of my kids who were surprisingly being nice to each other. Actually they do get on pretty well despite the almost 5 year age gap.

So here is a photo of something I adore.  It also includes something both children adore: the IPad.

Joining in with Chantal and everyone else for the January 2012 Photo A Day challenge. You can see all the photo's by checking out #janphotoaday on Twitter.


Leanne said...

I am loving this sneak peak into your life! Yay for photos.

Being Me said...

Oh that is the SWEETEST photo!

E. said...

Thanks. It was a (thankfully not so) rare moment when they were being nice to each other.


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