Saturday, 18 September 2010

I saw Tony Attwood

This will be  post on  ASD so I’m warning you up front.

I went to a workshop / seminar where Tony Attwood spoke recently. He was excellent.  I loved  the way he related to the audience, his humour, and the way he talked about people on the spectrum as people. I found Michelle Garcia Winner (check out did this too. To me that was very important because I have only started going to seminars this year and the first one I went to was soooo not aimed at parents at all.   I walked out of that first one I went to disillusioned and relieved that I hadn't bothered to spend time and money on seeing ‘experts’.

Thankfully, both the talks I have been to recentlyhave restored my faith in the experts. Thanks, Michelle and Tony!

So I found Tony Attwood very good and would recommend seeing him to everyone.  I was very interested to discover that the people sitting next to me were teachers from interstate and their school / school district has actually booked Tony to come and speak in their town next year. How great is that? I’m not sure if it’s just for professionals and teachers or parents as well but I was blown away, in a  good way. How cool and proactive is that???

So back on track.  Tony was very good and informative and I would definitely go to see him again.  Actually I would probably send / take Mr E. as well.  As a parent I did find some things a little confronting. Things like ASD people may resort to marijuana and alcohol as a way to keep their anxiety level down and that siblings of ASD people more likely than Neurotypical (NT) people to have ADHD, ASD and Anorexia Nervosa.   It’s stuff I had heard or read but until I heard it in person it wasn’t real to me. 

However, all in all it was excellent.  Has anyone else seen Tony Attwood?  What did you think?  Any other people’s  seminar or workshops you can recommend attending? Yes, I know I’m starting late. Better late than never right?

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Anna said...

I attended a seminar a few years ago run by Tony. I found him to be fantastic. I went along as a professional though, and was the only one from my EI centre who went. Glad you liked him!


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