Thursday, 3 June 2010

Random thoughts in my messy head

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  The cold I had is just a cough now which is thankfully no longer keeping me up until 3 am.  Maybe the cough medicine and cold and flu medications helped with that.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts about choosing High School for Boy Child.  We are almost there with our decision, I think.  While I haven’t taken up drinking I have thought about it!   But I have actually not eaten much chocolate either.  Which is a great thing given Operation Anniversary!  Of course I haven’t properly started with that yet.

The lovely Lucy has sent me some stuff to help with Op Anniversary.  Thanks very much to Lucy!  Check out Diminishing Lucy – you know you want to!

Girl Child was home from school again yesterday.  She came into us in the middle of the night with a headache and woke later with a tummy ache as well.  I’m actually wondering whether getting her adenoids removed last year was such a good thing.  So far this year she has missed at least  16 days of school due to illness.  And to me that is a lot.  Normally she would have the standard number of a few  colds a year some of which would turn into ear infections but she has never really been a sick child.  Maybe her oversized adenoids were protecting her?   Pure non medical thought there but I figure if they are part of her immune system maybe they were just huge because they were doing their job well.

I have scenario I would like some input on.  Two 11 year old (12 in August and September respectively) boys are delivering brochures into letterboxes.    Boy 1 is yours, the other is someone else's.  Boy 2 lives not far away (maybe 600 metres or so on a different street, 1 minute by car) and does have a mobile on him for safety.  It gets dark. The boys finish the deliveries and show up at your house.  Boy2’s parent rings and says “It’s dark. I will drive down and pick him up.” Boy 1’s Father says “No, don’t worry, we can bring him home. See you soon.” Nobody shows up for 10 minutes then Boy 2 arrives home by himself.

  • If Boy 2 said he was fine to get home in the dark, would you as a parent of Boy 1 let him go?
  • If you were a parent of Boy2 would you have preferred a phone call and walked down or driven down to get him?
  • Would the fact that Boy 2 was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt and it was 10 degrees C (about 50 F) have changed anything?

You can probably guess which parent I am but I will tell you later.


Then I Got Fat said...

First off, I would not have let him go alone, I don't care what he says. Secondly, if he protested that much, I would have at least called his parents to let them know he didn't want a ride and ask if they could come pick him up or least start walking to meet up with him. But that's just me. :)

Lisa said...

OK. I am the parent of a boy, 12 in November.
Mine is competent, street savvy, sensible (unlike my older boys). And we live in a safe suburb, with no busy roads.
I *try* to get him (and/or his friends) home by dark, but it doesn't always work.
Mis-communications happen - mostly when the kids are relaying what each others parents have said. Hmmm. That's probably being too polite. I swear the little ratbags tell respective parents different stories on purpose. I prefer to communicate parent-to-parent. I am known for plucking the phone mid-conversation from my kids, and demanding that the kid on the other end hand over to his parent.

So, in that situation, I probably would have let a child walk home alone, if he wanted to, but would have phoned his parents to let them know 'He wants to walk home. He's leaving now, if he's not home in 5 minutes, you can start to worry'.
As to the shorts and t-shirt - he could jog if he was feeling cold (evil grin).

SoyMamiYMas said...

It sounded to me like the conversation was father to father. Just reading this is making me furious. Seriously. I would want to at least talk to the parents of Boy 1 to find out all of what transpired, but regardless of the 'explanation,' I would still be furious. Seriously. Maybe I am over-protective, and I'm sure my 13 month-old daughter will tell me so someday . . . but that's just tough. It's a scary world out there, or at least out HERE [U.S.]. Don't know how many bad kid-things happen in Australia, but . . . I would still be furious. Seriously. [and I'm not even PMS-ing, lol!]

Katrina said...

I'm with the previous posters... Then I also consider myself overprotective of my own kids and others...

Sorry I've not been in here for a long time, I've been thinking of you though - I plan to catch up with your blog over the next few days :)


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