Friday, 28 May 2010

Catching up

Thanks to everyone who has sent me kind thoughts while I have a had a cold.  I still have it but today (after a week of feeling not very healthy) I went to the Chemist and now have cough medicine and cold and flu tablets.  Apparently one dose of each and I  sound so much better.  Here’s to not keeping myself up until 3 am coughing tonight!

It does mean that Operation Anniversary has not progressed (aka actually started) but that is okay.  I can deal with that.  Exercise while feeling like crud and coughing is probably not a smart move anyway.

We are discussing the options for Boy Child and High School.  We are considering a few different schools.  I’m really struggling with the whole friendship (on the plus side he has some friends!) versus academic versus hopefully some support versus travel versus no idea what really.  He won’t receive any aide time in High school just as he didn't in Primary school. Would he be better off at a school with a support unit so the teachers and students  are aware of the behaviours?

Has anyone got any advice on this?  How did you choose the high school for your child?  And are you happy with the decision you made?  I’m wondering is the whole hating change thing would make it easier to make a clean break?  He won’t hate us forever would he?

Any help, thoughts, ideas gratefully accepted email me  (my email address is on my about me page up there on the left) if you don’t want to comment publically.

Do you remember that February is / was kind of a sucky month?  I wrote a couple of posts on it but this one is the one that is relevant to this post.

So my friend W and I have been having coffee on a fairly regular basis.  At least once a fortnight.  Along the way her Dad has been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  For a while there it looked as though he wasn't going to have treatment but he has decided to which I think is a relief for W.

Remember the family at school with the child in Girl Child’s class? The one who lost toddler family member and Mum / Grandmother in the space of a week? Well the step father (who also had cancer) has died now as well.  Three deaths in the space of about 4 months.  It’s so very, very sad. So to that family I am sending my thoughts.

I hope they, and everyone else, have a lovely weekend.


Being Me said...

Good God, what a shocking run of deaths for that family :( I'm really impressed with anyone who has a goal in mind WRT weight loss/increasing fitness. I have let mine go for far too long, since being constantly ill last year and cancelling my gym membership cos I couldn't ever get there. Eep. You may just be my kick in the butt inspiration :) 15 weeks sounds like a good, sensible amount of time to me. Hope you get rid of your cold soon, I have one too and have lost my voice. Pah.

Lisa said...

Thoughts on high schools, all definitely IME, and YMMV, etc.
Support Units are over-rated, and possible even less effective in high school. Support units can send as many emails as they like to teachers, but the teachers have so many classes that they can't remember which kid is which. Awareness? Didn't happen. Sorry, I'm unfair. A couple of teachers over 5 years paid attention to the support unit information. Unit has been lovely with things like assisting with self-advocacy, being a safe place to chill, negotiating alternate curriculum, alternate assessment etc. They do what they can.

Friends? If they are kids you like, sticking with them has to be high on the rankings. At the start of high school, the pecking order must be established. If you arrive at a school alone, you either make friends quickly, or end up at the bullied end of the pecking order. Yes, it's awful. No, I can't see it changing soon.

Academic, that's a difficult one. Some kids will throw themselves into the academics because of lack of friends, or instead of making friends. Chicken and egg. They'll finish high school with no friends, and perfect academic record.
Or, lack of friends can lead to bullying, to depression, and academics go out the window.
Having academic friends can mean study groups and decent marks, or learning social skills while failing academics.
No way to tell what will happen.

Many high schools have good transition programs for their feeder primary schools. Large groups of kids from each primary school go together to a particular high school and the transition is managed well. Any school that takes a decent number of kids from a particular primary school will recognise the group. Singles would be more likely to slip through the cracks.

On a practical level, I'd tend to shy away from travel. It makes the day so much longer and more stressful, and social contact out of school requires Mum's Taxi. It doesn't help a kid's social life if there are no friends within miles to visit.

Can you tell that I'm a fan of local? Our local has it's downsides, but I'm still happy with the choice.
Dreamer is in year 12, Speedy in year 10, and Curly will be starting year 8 there next year.


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