Friday, 12 February 2010

Ups and downs…

Well this week started pretty badly for some people I know which in turn lead to my very angsty post on Monday.  Wednesday – I was feeling better.  It may have had something to do with getting out on Tuesday and seeing Avatar, which I enjoyed.  Of course if I hadn’t run out of frozen coke in the first 40 minutes it would have been better!

Yesterday was fine. Had an excellent meeting with Boy Child’s teacher.  So positive – she actually understands ASD things! Did have to spend hours at dance so Girl Child could do her tap class and trial two other classes.  She danced for 1 hours and 45 minutes straight.  Pretty good for 6 year old I think.

Today was filled with coffee and cake.  Firstly as a treat after a work meeting and then in response to a plaintive phone call “Would you like to have coffee with me?  I’m sad and there’s no one in the office to talk too.”  Sure why not.  More coffee and this time cheesecake… oh yeah very healthy eating this week, NOT!

Unfortunately at school pick up things went down hill again.  My friend who hates February (let’s call her W. just to make things easier) had had a majorly sucky week getting her children to school, and then there was a major extended family crisis.  Dammit! Surely February sucks enough for them? Got into Fixit (aka I need to save the world) mode and left W. with someone who could deal.  W. had asked me to advocate for her last year so I kind of just stepped back into that role and took over.  Fortunately the person I left her with was grateful to be apprised of the situation and thanked me. And luckily for W. today’s extended family issue turned out to be a little hiccup rather than the major crisis that it had started as.

I spoke to someone else as I hadn’t seen the lady who's mum was in the hospice.  I found out that her mother died on Wednesday.  That poor family.  They have lost a beloved young family member and a mother / mother in law / grandmother in the same week.  I think February is not going to be a pleasant month for that family either.

So as I head off to bed I hope that the next few days and weeks are calmer for these two families.  They certainly need a break and some time to heal. 

Sorry I have written another sad / angsty post. I’m glad my week ended on an up note but I’m sad for the 2 families from school that their weeks went so downhill.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

hugs x you are such a beautiful friend and mother x

E. said...

Thanks PPMJ! :)

Anella said...

I agree with the comment above. You sound like an amazing friend & mother :)
All the best x


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