Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Post it Note Tuesday # 4









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Sarah said...

I can vouch for badly infected tonsils & no pain, I get that... By the time I'm in a little pain I get to the Dr because it is really really bad. He just doesn't understand how I don't feel it.

E. said...

Wow Sarah. It's good to know that Girl Child isn't the only one who doesn't feel tonsil pain.

Kakka said...

Get well soon. Glad Girl Child is now back at school and on the road to recovery. Now if we can just do the same for you quickly all will be right. Hugs xxx

SoyMamiYMas said...

I had the opposite problem -- tonsil pain, but no tonsils since age 5! Apparently, they CAN grow back, if even a tiny bit is missed. I know: eeeeeeewww. Glad she's well now, and hope you are too soon!

Rammi said...

Hope you get better soon. Also, I'm getting my tonsils out in two weeks, and had extremely bad tonsillitis for the past year (antibiotics don't work any more). Apart from the occasional cough, there is no pain!


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