Sunday, 28 February 2010

Life gets in the way again

So it’s been 5 days since my last blog post.  I had started writing a post on hypocrisy (mostly mine) a few days ago.  Then I picked Girl Child up after school on Wednesday with a fever and I still have my cold too so really wasn't motivated to blog.

On Thursday  I found out a good friend had her first baby via an emergency caesarean and he is quite unwell.  A baby in NICU, intubated (breathing tube) and sedated kind of brings the crappy hypocrisy post into perspective.

I’m a little peeved that I cannot see J or Baby E as yesterday the Dr  said that Girl child might have a parainfluenza virus which leads to croup etc and there is no way I am going to go near them until it runs its course.  It could take up to 10 days.  Thankfully Girl Child’s temp has been been lower since last night but she has been in tears 3 times this morning about breakfast.

I need to pass on my congratulations to J and C on the birth of Baby E.


I’m hoping to hear that Baby E is getting less oxygen and sedation but I know from things I have read that the NICU / SCN journey is often 2 steps forward, one step back so I am expecting that.  I wish there is something I could do for J and Baby E but at the moment it’s not really possible.  I would hate to give J or Baby E this virus that I have or that Girl Child has (maybe it’s the same bug?) and cause Baby E’s stay in NICU to be longer than it should be.

So anyone got any ideas on how to help my friend given i can’t go near her for probably another 5 days?

Someone has suggested snack food for the hospital, and magazines to read.  I was thinking driving her to the hospital when her husband goes back to work.  I know he was a big boy (almost 4.5kgs) and J said she needs to get singlets in the next size up too.

Any other ideas?


Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

The driving her to the hospital sounds ideal. Could you bear to do her ironing and clean her house? Or do a few one pot meals? Then when they are at home, it is "easy"?

Clarissa said...

ANd definently when you are better go visit. When Kaia was in hospital I visited Daria a lot in there - and I reckon for her it was nice to have someone to chat to.

Now - hmm. You could write a really nice card/letter instead of magezines. Kind of like how people write plane letters for people - personal touch etc. Food is always good.

Cate P said...

Organizing food is always helpful, as is cleaning, transport, just being available on the other end of the phone if she needs to talk. A friend who went through something similar said it was nice to come home to a bottle of wine, a tray of lasagne, a bunch of flowers, and a freshly made bed. Simple stuff.

Anella said...

I agree with the above. Food, cleaning, transport = very helpful! Definitely being available to talk to helps :)

E. said...

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Keep them coming!

On the plus side Baby E is awake and breathing on his own. J had her first cuddle with him today.


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