Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Angst ridden moment over…

Thanks for showin’ the lurve, everyone.  My angst ridden moment is over and done.  Dealt with via coffee and very surprisingly no chocolate.  Quite remarkable for the chocolate and coffee cures (or at least helps with) everything girl that I am.  I did have some time out yesterday and saw Avatar.  Mr E sent me. So to him I have to say: Thanks babe.

mwah lips

Yeah, okay my lips look nothing like that.

How are things going with everyone else out here in Blog land?

Is Daria ever going to get her computer fixed?

Has Renay from The Day I lost my mind gone away forever or just taking a blogging break?  Or maybe real life has gotten in the way.

Who is going to tell Sharnia suggest a topic over at The Chronicles of Sharnia?

Has everyone entered the Blog This: My New Superpower Challenge?

Bye for now.


Clarissa said...

I will check with Daria how her computer is going - though I don't think it will be fixed - major problems with it. So i don't know how long she will be sans computer.

Madmother said...

Dunno about Renay, will think of a topic for Sharnia though she is a bit scary, and yes I entered!

Melissa said...

didn't enter this time. will pop over to sharnia now (hadn't even heard about the topic request. hmmm).

Did you like the movie?

Summeranne said...

Glad to see you're feeling better! Did you like Avatar?? I love it!


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