Friday, 20 July 2012

The July School Holidays - Away

This time around the school holidays have been lovely. We have done quite a few things at home and away. Given the photo intensive nature of these posts, I’ve broken them into parts. Here is a pictorial view of our holidays when we went to Sydney to stay with family.

We saw some of the 18th Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island. For those of you who have no idea what the Biennale of Sydney is (I didn’t) here is the blurb:

Held every two years, the Biennale of Sydney is Australia's largest contemporary visual arts event, showcasing bold and innovative contemporary art from around the world.

In order to get to Cockatoo Island we went to Circular Quay and boarded the Ferry. The Biennale have free Ferries running to and from Cockatoo Island but if you can’t be bothered hanging around for the next free one you can pay and ride on the normal ferry services.

On Ferry Jul 12Watching Circular Quay as we pulled away

Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House – taken by Girl Child on my phone

keep mning this death 3

Installation by Jon Pylypchuk in the Dog Leg tunnel. Image found: here

We also really liked the other installation in the Dog Leg tunnel by Daan Roosegaarde

Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge from the top of Cockatoo Island

Acoomodation on Cockatoo Island

Accommodation on Cockatoo Island – campsites (with the tents already set up) also available

Luna Park

Luna Park on the way back to Circular Quay (Girl Child’s photo)

Beach Jul 2012

We went to the beach but didn't swim, much to the kids disgust.

We did the usual things we do when we go to Sydney, hang out with family, eat at Boy Child’s favourite restaurant (it’s in Coogee).  This visit, the Biennale at Cockatoo Island was almost the icing on the cake. For me though Mr E. had two bunches of flowers and dinner waiting when we got home.


The 18th Biennale of Sydney is open from 27 June to 16 September 2012 and is held in various locations around Sydney.  Check it out!

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