Monday, 30 July 2012

Decisions, decisions

A little while ago I was navel gazing, trying to decide what I wanted to be when if I grew up. Remember this post?

Since then I have done some more navel gazing and been playing around with some of those online career / aptitude tests. And apart from the test that thought I should be an art or music therapist (I do not have an artistic or musical bone in my body!) there were a number of career choices that I have either done or thought about doing. Public sector work? Check. Finance? Check. Office Manager? Check. Now for the things I haven't done but have wanted to: writer, editor, journalist (not so much anymore) and teacher's / educational aide.

That last one is something I have thought about a lot. I enjoy helping in class but more than that I enjoy helping children one on one with reading. I am currently reading with 2 children and helping out in Girl Childs class most morning's.

So I did some more surfing the interwebs and discovered a few places where you can get a Certificate III or IV in Educational Support. Some on line and some with contact hours. Unfortunately, the local face to face course started last week. I decided to enquire anyway.

And if I can get myself to a class on Thursday I can start a week and bit late and if I study a full time load 3 days (5 hour days) a week then I can have a Certificate IV by Christmas.

Woah... I feel a little overwhelmed here. I need to decide by Wednesday afternoon. I know full time hours but I'm not sure what the part time load will be. Mr E. is supportive and thinks I should enrol full time. But I have concerns.

I would have to stop helping at school 3 days a week. I know that Girl Child's teacher relies on the parent helpers and therefore my absence could disadvantage the class. I also will miss out on my readers who need all the practice they can get. One day is also when assemblies are held at Girl Childs school. So if she gets an award or is singing with the choir then I would miss those. Now I understand that parents who work full time miss out on assemblies and other things at school all the time. But I have chosen to work at home so that I can make these things for my children.

Also I will still have work to fit in around study as well. Now i need to make some deisions and quickly. When I was at uni they always said you need to study the same amount of time as you have in class. I'm not sure if that will be the case here. I also have worked out that I need about 10 hours sleep a night to function without my head being overly ouchy.

Mr E. may be starting a uni course next year and I'm not sure both of us studying at the same time would work for our family. Arghh.

Any fortune tellers out there? I need a glimpse in the future.



I would suggest studying part time and continue helping out at school, as that may be the place you find yourself working one day. I know of at least 3 mums who did that, and all were given jobs at the school. The problem here (Adelaide) is that the pool of trained SSOs is 3 times as large as the number of jobs available, so it was crucial for those mums to be volunteering and well known at the school, in order to get the jobs. It is often still a case of 'who you know' when getting jobs like these.

Leanne said...

I started off volunteering at my kids school, then put in an EOI at front office, then I went to Catholic Education Office (coz they were crying out for teacher's aides) and did the interview and their little free course. I was on relief work from there which gave me a feel for it. I even got a little "contract" job to do a reading program for 1.5 terms with some year 3 and 4 classes. They gave me all the training I needed. It was great and I LOVED it. I am still on the relief register but I just so busy and un-reliable. I am always saying no.

My advice is always to take the leap and see where it takes you. There is not forward movement without that first step. Just do it. Don't think too hard about it because you'll end up over-analysing it. Taking the plunge doesn't mean you have to sign up forever. Just dip in your toe and see how it feels ...

I think it is the perfect "job" for you. It may be just the fulfillment you are looking for. You have a lot to offer E ...

Madmother said...

What they said.

And who better to understand these unique kids than you?

E. said...

I bit the bullet and enrolled full time. I will still help out at school 2 days a week. I have classes the other 3 days. I also have to do 60 hours at a school but I should be finished and hopefully employable by the end of the year.


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