Saturday, 7 July 2012

Grateful 7 July 2012

After joining back in with Maxabella and the Grateful Gang last weekend I found that it wasn't as scary over there as I thought. So I'm playing again.

I'm grateful it that a friends long awaited edition to their family was born this week. The baby was early and is in NICU but as they have waited a long time they are very grateful.

We will be getting a minor kitchen renovation soon. Our oven has been dying for quite a while and the cooktop is dodgy. Recently we bought a dual fuel unit which is going to arrive on Monday and then we can get it installed. Very grateful that we had the money available to buy something we have been talking about for a long time. Is it sad that I'm excited about having a griller again? Our stove / oven will look something like this:

Image from www.smeg.

While I've managed to get the cold that is going around, it hasn't completely knocked me around. I'm grateful that one day after I dropped Girl Child at school I had the opportunity to go back to bed and I slept until 130 pm.

School is on holidays so that means we got school reports. I'm grateful that we got no surprises (although we were pleasantly suprised by the postive nature of some comments) and that academically both kids are where they should be or better.

That's it for now.


Leanne said...

Sounds like we have a similar grateful E!

Hope your cold gets better soon :)

Sarah Evans said...

I am grateful-ing too this week.

I sympathise with the cold for sure - it's hard to feel grateful when you are all sniffly and feeling yukky.

Plus your new cooker looks ace!


Shelley said...

love that oven! we're planning a kitchen reno too. exciting, isn't it!

Madmother said...

We are all sick here too. Just in time for Boy 2 to go back to school. Actually, to be honest we HAVE been sick AL holidays!

Get better soon.

Lisa H said...

New appliances are the bomb! So clean and shiny, and a new oven is just devine. I had a new oven once and I didn't want to use it, lest it get dirty! ;-)

Maxabella said...

Sorry you're not feeling your best E. Hope you're all better by now!

I would rejoice over a new stove too. One day!!

Great to have you back, BTW. x

E. said...

Thanks everyone. I got over my cold last week, thankfully. The new appliance is just waiting in the family room to be installed. I'm hoping it will be done in the next month.


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