Sunday, 29 July 2012

Grateful 28 July 2012

Hello. I'm running a little late with my grateful list but here it is.

One bunch of the flowers that Mr E. bought when we where away are still alive. While they don't look as happy as before they are still mostly going strong.

School went back! While these holidays went really well (I've told people that I wasn't tempted to eat chocolate or drink alcohol) I was still happy for school to start again. I love the children but I do enjoy having my own space.

I burnt dinner. Now that seems like a very odd grateful to have but it's because our new stove has been installed! We have been talking about replacing our old oven and cooktop for about 3 years and we have finally one it. Now all we need to get is a splash back and we'll have a more modern and properly working kitchen.
Very shiny.
I'm going to a Gala Dinner on Saturday and while I had a dress to wear, it was a summer one. So this week I have bought a shrug and some heels to wear. I'm grateful that I have had people to help me out, that my shopping excursions have been fruitful (and inexpensive) and that Mr E. doesn't hate everything I've bought.
The shrug
My new shoes
So that's it for me, tonight. Drop by to see what things others are grateful for, this week.


Leanne said...

Look at you in your dress!! So pretty. Nice shoes. Very very noice.

Maxabella said...

Pretty dress, E. I hope you have a great night out at the Gala.

(Pretty oven too!!)


E. said...

Thank you.

I still have to work out the oven as I attempted to cook a cake and it wasn't working to well. Later I discovered I was cooking on Fan forced Grill not an oven setting as I thought. Whoops. It did cook in the middle eventually.

Dinner is tomorrow and I have no idea what to with my hair.


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