Thursday, 6 October 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

A long time ago, during my blog-vacation, just prior to my real vacation in New Zealand, the lovely Lene who blogs quiet aptly and adeptly at Musings of Another Mother passed the Versatile Blogger award over to me.

Of course, as always accepting one of these awards there are certain things you have to do. So, these are the 3 (thank goodness there are only 3!) things to do.
Firstly, you must thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them. So just in case you missed it, many thanks to Lene.
Then you should share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
Finally you need to pass the award on to 15 newly discovered blogs.
Given I don't think I'm interesting, I will do my best with the 7 things. Feel free to consider them interesting, boring or just plain crazy.
  1. I don't mind shaving my head for the Leukemia Foundation, but I hate regrowing my hair. I look too much like my mother from the time my hair is about an inch long until it gets some decent length on it. This means that some of the photos from our holiday make me cringe.
  2. I've recently discovered I don't mind reading an ebook or two. Ebook's have a few advantages over real books. They are much easier to carry than real books and therefore it's easier to start a new one or swap as the mood takes you but they have reduced my ability to relax. You see, I used to relax by reading in the bath. However, I have been known to drop a book or two into the water and with an ebook reader or IPad that is a really bad idea. So, maybe this explains why I'm not very relaxed at the moment.
  3. Today I went on a Ferris Wheel with Girl Child. I generally start to feel ill just watching one go around so I was very surprised that I didn't feel extremely nauseous today. However, I really did wish I had both feet on the ground. I think the people in the gondola with us would have preferred their ride more if Girl Child hadn't kept commenting on my possible need to throw up.
  4. Today, I was extremely envious of all the extended families out and about doing school holiday things. I find it heartbreaking that my children have no grandparents who are alive or able to do things with them.
  5. I am also very envious of my friends who can send their children for a few days (to a more than week) each school holidays to spend time with their extended family. I know 3 families who do this.
  6. Since I no longer want chocolate I have discovered that I want other junk food. For example, Cheezels and shortbread but not together. I still eat chocolate occasionally but I don't crave it anymore.
  7. After watching Hawaii Five-0 last night, I'm thinking that Alex O'Loughlin could be in the running (with Hugh Jackman) as someone I'd love to spend some time with. With Mr E.'s permission, of course.
Phew. I didn't think I'd actually get 7 things there for a while.

Okay, in my newer blog finds to pass this on to are some who were given this award by Lene and others but I thought they deserved to get it again. And just to share the bloggy love around, here are also some bloggers who I think deserve a little extra bloggy love at the moment.

My list is:
Sarah from People Don't Eat Enough Fudge (I love that blog title),
Gill from Ink, Paper, Pen
Naomi from Seven Cherubs,
Suzi over at Under the Windmills,
Anne from Domesblissity (I made her muffins on Tuesday),
Miss Pink - the Mummy Autobiography,
Sam-O who is Living Life Playing the Glad Game
Jen from Jemikaan,
Penny with another cool blog title - Shhh, Mummy's on the phone (who hasn't said this?)
Alliecat who blogs at In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat,
Corrine - From the daze of my life,
Silver threads of happiness,
The Rhythm Method,
Farmers Wifey

I hope you like getting awards and know how much I appreciate you reading all!


Madmother said...

*Sniff*. Forgotten again.

Hey, you going to head to the blogger conference in 2012? I'll be there so we could finally get to meet!

alliecat said...

Hey thanks, not feeling much blog love atm so I really needed this today! Off to read some of the others I haven't seen before. xo

E. said...

MM - I thought you already knew how cool I think you are. I'm sure you will get the recognition you deserve. I've made a deal with someone. But a blogger conference? Me? Not likely. LOL.

Alliecat - I hope this brightened your day.

Sam-O said...

OOh ta, something to write about. I've been liky girl lately. I guess this is a bit of a link too.


Sarah Mac said...

Thank you lovely :)) When I get a little peace and quiet later I'll sit down and do this x


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