Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I blame the Smurfs!

I've been thinking. I'm pretty sure the reason for my need to escape the family last night was not, solely, related to the lack on alcohol in my life. I'm thinking it was related to the Smurf Movie. Yes, I blame those little blue people. Or however that songs goes. And the sugary sweetness that was Smurf movie. La,la, lala, la, la, la da, la, sing a happy song. Or however it goes.

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After we saw it, I'm not sure how many times Girl Child asked me what was my favourite line of the movie. Apparently hers is when Neil Patrick Harris' character says "I Smurf you." Now I enjoyed the movie and it was a feel good one. There were lots of life lessons - nobody is just one of their characteristics, you need to seize life's opportunities and things like that. Definitely good lessons for us all.

My life has been decidedly unsmurfy lately. It hasn't been bad, no major illnesses or injuries, thankfully no deaths or job losses, just not great. A few (in my head A LOT) of niggly worries. Some of course, of my own making.

Having been away for a few days, we were spending time with my extended family. This always leads me to introspection. Especially when I get comments like "So and So says you are much more open than you were before your mother died." Now that comment was from my grandmother, apparently repeating something else someone had said to her. It's great to get compliments (well that's how I'm taking that anyway) but I always find it tough. I'm glad I'm on better terms with my family now. It's a pity that it took what it took for those relationships to become better. But I'm lucky that I have had the opportunity to change them. To take them to a much more open, friendlier level. But I do still dwell on the past and the things that can't be changed now. I know I wouldn't be me if things had been different, but still the what ifs run through my head.

History however has a way of repeating itself and this is where I come back to the Smurfs. When I was probably a bit older than Girl Child, my grandmother took me to see a movie about little blue people. It was the Smurfs and the Magic Flute. So it seems somewhat fitting that I took Girl Child to a Smurf movie the day after leaving my grandmothers. I'm glad that most of the parallels I see between my life and Girl Childs life are the positive ones.

Having spent time with my grandmother, I'm torn between being grateful that I still have her and worried about how old and frail she is getting. It seems that every time we stay with her she gets sick. Thankfully this time around was what seems to be a virus and she has now recovered. On a previous occasion she ended up in hospital with renal failure. Again I see parallels. This time between visiting my grandmother and visiting my great grandmother. I was 18 when my great grandmother died so I have quite a few memories of her. After this visit I wonder how much longer my grandmother will be around. I hope that my children will get some more time to spend with her, while she is relatively healthy.

Okay, turning off the melancholy now. What things have you done recently that have reminded you of your childhood? in a good way, of course. Now I'm off to bed. I just hope that the Smurf song stops running through my head soon. Ear worm, anyone?


Sarah Mac said...

Going to the beach which we did all the time when I was growing up as we lived by the sea and today, gardening. I used to spend a lot of time with my Grandfather in the garden, happy memories :)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I had forgotten the song until I read this post... My boys thought the movie was Smurftastic. Their favourite line, however, was when someone referred to Gargamel as Garbage Smell. Sigh.


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