Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I'm hiding in my bedroom

Is it wrong to want to get away from your family? For some reason today my tolerance level is low and I had to leave before I said something I'd regret (or even worse NOT regret) to my children. Things along the lines of Just bloody leave me alone.

So with Mr E. going out shortly, I'm hiding. I'm not sure what's going on in my head. Part of it is having been interstate visiting relatives. Now while it is nice to catch up, to me it's a bit like having to be on your best behavior 24/7 and not being able to relax. Especially when you are staying with some of those relatives.

That said, the kids were pretty damn good and I was even told how impressed one elderly relative was that they didn't fight during the 4 days. Maybe that's what's going on. They were on their best behaviour too. Now we are home it's time to relax and let it all hang out. Thus, the little niggling things seem so much worse than normal. Because I've been without them and we are slightly on edge.

Does that happen to anyone else? Good behavior while away but then needing to let it all hang out once home? I must admit I repeated parts of conversations verbatim to Mr E. last night just to get some of the stuff out of my head. Maybe that's what the kids are doing too, in their own way.

Hopefully with a good sleep tonight I'll feel better and I'll be better to put the little things in perspective. Otherwise, I think I'll take up alcohol.

Glug, glug, glug. Ahhh.


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Lisa said...

Hello E. I'm catching up on blogs.

You mean you *don't* yell "Just bloody leave me alone" and stomp away slamming doors???

I feel bad now.

Nah, not really. When the kids were younger, I'd hold it together, and say "Mummy needs to go to her room for some calm down time". See - role modelling, right?

I've become slack in my old age, oh, and possibly because my youngest is about to turn 13, and is quite capable of using choice language when he wants to.

I'll keep reading back over the last year now :)


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