Monday, 17 October 2011

Late but still grateful 17 Oct 2011

I was planning on hooking up with the other grateful posts on Saturday but somehow time got away from me and it's Monday afternoon. I discovered that I have a huge amount of things to be grateful for.  Here are just some of the things in the last fortnight.

Both nuclear and extended. I was lucky enough to be interstate when a member of the extended family was having a celebration. We got to spend time with the extended family on a happy occasion.

Family Time and festival shopping
Mr E., Girl Child and I went to a Festival thing on the weekend. It was nice to just be able to wander around and enjoy each others company. At the festive we picked up a fair bit of stuff. Fudge, honey, polish and a dress* for me.

The children
Recently it was a day of remembrance for miscarriage and infant loss. I am grateful that we have our children and that we had it easy compared to many other people.

Boy Child has people call him to do stuff during the holidays. He caught up with someone he hadn't seen since school finished last year for a movie, he went and did stuff with someone else and was invited for a sleepover.

Girl Child met up with a girl from her class for a play date at the pool. And they sent each other quite a few emails during the holidays. Apparently the 7 and 8 year olds of today don't phone each other they email.

Family friends who allow us to visit, let the kids run riot and feed us too. Someone else's baking always tastes better than mine it seems.

My friends who catch up for coffee during school terms and during holidays.

Mr E. Friends who have invited us out to a Trivia Night.

Ms T. Who is going to kid-sit for us so we can go out to the Trivia Night.

The linky list is closed but I'm still playing along. Did you play along with Maxabella? What are you grateful for this week?

* Now as you may remember I'm a jeans and tshirt girl but it seems that every year in spring or summer I buy a dress. Now when buy it I think that it will be for the work Christmas Function which is generally the only time Mr E. and I get to go out together without the kids during the year. We haven't actually had a work function for 2 years but I have bought a dress I case there is one this time around. It's not a dressy dress so I could probably wear it other times. Maybe even to the Trivia Night.

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Sarah Mac said...

I didn't but I should have. I need to remind myself every now and then of how much I do have to be grateful for.

Love your list and make sure you wear that dress!


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