Thursday, 21 April 2011

It’s not Munchausen by Internet it’s just my life…

The Sydney Morning Herald magazine Good Weekend recently published an article about Munchausen by Internet.  In short Munchausen by Internet is a fairly new term coined for people who pretend to be ill on line to elicit sympathy from online support groups, bloggers etc.

I have been unwell with a headache for 6 weeks now.  The GP(General Practitioner) I have been seeing for years has been close to useless a little laid back about it as far as I and Mr E are concerned.  When I first went to the Dr he was very attentive and he rang me when the test results that said I wasn't going blind. Hurray.

Since that point, I have pushed to find out what is going on with me and nobody form the surgery) has rung to let me know what any of my test results have been.  Or even that my results were back and that I may need an appointment to discuss them.  For me today was the last straw.  I had blood tests on Friday and the Dr said he would call me when he had the results.  Yesterday he hadn’t called so I called the pathology lab and discovered the Dr had the results emailed to him on Monday. Umm…okay then.  So I rang and asked if the Doctor needed to see me about my results.  He wasn't there but they would get back to me.  This afternoon I waited until 5.15 and rang again.  I was told that he wanted to see me and I made an appointment.  I then asked how much it would cost to move my records to a different Doctor.  Apparently it’s free. Within 2 minutes the GP had called me to discuss my results. 

Okay, great he called.  Not so great that it took me asking about my records being moved to prompt him to call.  Definitely not great that he said I just got your results.  Well no, mate I know you have had them since Monday.  You may have only just been bothered to look at them about 5 this afternoon but you have told me yourself that you get the results emailed to you because it’s quicker.  Previously you have had some of the other test results for a few days to over a week before you have contacted me so I am less than impressed. Especially when you still really can’t tell me why my head hurts.  That the 12 hour med is good but I still need Panadol, Nurofen and Nurofen Plus (or a combination) to supplement it in order to get through the day.

Due to my headache, I have been relieved of a part time job I have held for 3 years.  Mr E. has wanted me to give it up for a while but today I was told that I have basically been removed for my own health by a committee.  Given we don’t know what is going on and if it is transitory or not I feel a little sad.  Also there is no one to take over my role either so they will be getting two other people to take parts of the job over.   I feel bad about that.

Okay – enough with the Munchausen part of my post and on to the Munchausen by Proxy part.

It appears that Smiley Dog can't see very well.  Yesterday I took both Serious and Smiley Dogs to the Dog wash at the local car wash.  When I was putting them back in their yard I noticed that Smiley Dog’s eyes are

cloudy.  I’m hoping that it isn’t cataracts but it does appear that he can’t see very well any more.  Unfortunately I am going away for a few days so I can’t get him into the vet until Thursday at the earliest.  I’m not sure what we will do if he is blind / going blind.  He is already deaf due to his operation back in Dec 2009.  I guess he is lucky that Serious Dog is also a Labrador and can be a guide dog for him.



Smiley Dog



Serious Dog

Okay that is it for me.  Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post –  Cliques, Comments and Twits.  It seems that my post and the others around on on similar topics at the moment have created a big response.

Happy Easter, Egg Day or whatever you are celebrating this weekend.  See you on the flip side!


Ratz said...

That is indeed an irritating experience. The nerves people have to lie to our face while they are so stupid to realise that we could have found out the truth by ourselves! I am sorry about your job E. I do want to believe that all this is happening for something better.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh E. how frustrating and awful for you. I hope you've found a resolution and are starting to feel better soon. I hope the job thing is a blessing in disguise and that it gives you a chance to heal.

Much love and hugs to you xx

Leanne said...

Oh wow. This is getting seriously frustrating E. I am frustrated just reading it. Sorry to hear about the job ... and to be voted off by a committee? How very Survivor/Biggest Loser! But as PinkPatent said, maybe this will give you a chance to heal.
Let me know if I can do anything .... please keep us posted.
Re Smiley Dog .. Max the Hip Gyrating Lab is having the same issues. After you've seen the vet, talk to me ... I'll tell you what we are doing for Max Factor.
Happy Easter E!!

Kakka said...

Bloody Drs, seriously I would move. I am lucky that I found a great one and will hate it if she ever gives up medicine.

Hope Smiley Dog is okay and love labradors and both of yours are so beautiful.

Hope you are okay soon and that you can get your job back, if you want to, when you are totally headache free. I just don't know how you are coping.

Lots of love and hugs xxx

Madmother said...

Bloody hell, want me to come down and kick some medical arse? I am seriously good at it after my experiences with Wise Woman!


Sam-O said...

I'm going to give you a Man style comment. ie. "Fix" your problem (LOL!).

Have you tried acupuncture? As a lifelong migraine sufferer and long term headaches during pregnancy (days, weeks etc), this was the solution my Workaholic Hubby suggested. I did it to shut him up because I hate that jump in with a fix thingy Men do.

It works quite well for me. Especially in conjuction with reflexology/massage at the same place.


E. said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Ratz - I wonder if this guy can't tell the truth about when he got information then what else isn't he telling me?

PPMJ - The job loss is a blessing in disguise because it was annoying but to lose it on these terms was not optimal. I kind of waanted to walk away when I was ready.

Leanne - Chat when you get back.

Kakka - I will be changing Dr's after this. I was just tryignt o keep the peace as the Kids need a Paed check up and this 'Dr' I use the term l;oosely was going to be doing it while their paed was away this year. I have felt liek I'm walkign a thin line but the last conversation we had made me want to smack this guy. Smiley Dog is okay for the moment. Hurray.

MM - I know you are great at kicking medial butt. I will keep you in mind.

Sam-O - Acupuncture isn't something I've tried but at this point I'm willing to give most things a go.


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