Sunday, 17 April 2011

A fairy tale starring Leanne

Once upon a time there were two girls who grew up into seriously good looking, smart, trendsetting women (this is my story and I get to tell it the way I want to!).  They both had children and lived in a small city where north is north and south is south and never  the twain shall meet.  Unless of course you packed a picnic lunch to journey to the other side.

One day these smart women both started to venture into the world of blogging.  They didn't hang out in the same circles as it’s a cut lunch and a 6 pack to venture over the to the dark side but they both began to blog,  made connections with other bloggers and in turn each other.

The blogging world was fascinating and the connections that were made were strong.  As it appeared that these two seriously trendy, smart women had a connection it was decided to meet somewhere in the middle.  At a place which served not only decent food but also Gluten Free food to keep the coeliac of us on track.

So it was arranged around children’s award ceremonies, plays and other life issues to meet on Friday.  Emails aplenty ran back and forth, including but not limited to what specific outfit we would each be wearing (just in case there was and influx of gorgeous, smart trendy women appearing at the same place and time). Fear was in the heart of at least one.  Conversations in her house ran along the lines of – why am I doing this? What will we have to talk about? Thank goodness it will only be an hour because I have school pickup because it might be a huge a flop.  Neurotic, anyone?

So on Friday morning at least one woman dressed carefully, worried if the other person would like her, hoping against hope that everything would be fine.  And it was!

The carefully picked clothing made each of the lovely women easily identifiable to the other and the next hour passed extraordinarily quickly with much conversation, lovely food and spectacular company.  So with a plan to meet again, the women parted company and left to resume their Friday afternoon lives with a smile and a new in real life friend.  How cool is that?


It was great to actually meet Leanne (you may know her from Deep Fried Fruit).  She is as lovely in person as on her blog.  Nothing fake there, just a great, friendly person. 

This is my first ever meeting with a fellow blogger and I was scared.  However, it was wonderful to catch up with Leanne in person.  I’m so very glad I did it. 

Have you meet up with many fellow bloggers?  Were you scared the first time out? 


Madmother said...

Haven't had a bad one yet!

Mind you, seriously need to work out how to make our 'twain meet!


Ratz said...

Perfect. You both are amazing. The twain shall meet again.

Leanne said...

This is a great post E!! I smiled from beginning to end reading it just now. I'm still smiling!

And yes, you're spot on with the "seriously good looking, smart, trendsetting women" bit. That's how I'd describe us. Every eye in the place was on us for sure. And we even had a little balding bloke chat us up.

Your lovely long and complimentary post puts my pathetic little paragraph in my "week of gratefuls" post to shame. Our meeting deserves so much more. It was FABULOUS! And E ... you are fabulous! So pleased you didn't talk yourself out of coming :)

See you in a few weeks when I finish that book!

Ciao my friend.


E. said...

Thank you guys.

MM - I'm envious that you are catchign up with L soon. Glad that all your catch ups have all been good.

Ratz - You are amazing. Honestly you are great. I'd love to meet you. Pity you live overseas.

L - glad you liked the post. See you in a few weeks.


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