Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It’s been a big few days here

I’m sorry I published such a heavy blog post and have not been back to post again.  We went a away for a few days and then the gearing up for school to start occurred.  So it was a lovely relaxing few days followed by a couple of days of frenetic worrying on my part.

Let’s set the scene shall we?  Boy Child started High school and not at the local one 10 minutes amble away.  No, Mr E and I choose the school we believed would be best for him.  He did NOT appreciate our parenting choices.  He wanted to go to the local school where ALL his friends (aka people who have known him for years! and some kids I’d consider his friends) were going and he could walk, not catch a bus. etc., etc.  These conversation had been occurring on and off since we found out he had been accepted. There had also been the discussion between him and a friend where they decided that Boy Child could get himself expelled from our choice and school and then we would allow him to attend the local high school. Um, no, not happening mate.  You get yourself expelled and you are enrolled in the private Christian school, which would be a huge blow to him – he doesn't believe in God, thinks religion is ‘stupid’ and they have a uniform which includes a blazer and tie!

So to say I was concerned on the first day was an understatement.  I was asking people how much chocolate would be considered appropriate in the situation. The answer from more than one person was at least a block was allowable.  So given that I apparently had free range on the chocolate stakes, we had a big block of Caramello between the four of us over two days.

But it appeared that all my worrying and stressing had been in vain.  He is actually really happy at his school. Of course so far it’s been all 7 classes squished into a day but the 5 classes of an hour in length apparently start today. He is finding his way to 7 different classrooms in different parts of the school. He has meet people and is calling them friends.  He has managed to catch the bus and get on and off at the correct stops.  So far, Fan-Bloody-Tastic in my view.  A much better start than I anticipated. He has even said that he is glad we choose the High School we did and NOT the local High School.

Girl Child started in Year 2 (third year of formal schooling here) and has the teacher she wanted and some nice children she knows in her class.  She seems okay and has managed to get ready ON TIME everyday. This is something we need to celebrate.  Also the Exec teacher I spoke to about my issue with the school last year has spoken to me even day so far to see how Girl child is going.  That makes me feel nice and I’m glad she was the person I approached.  Girl is happy and that’s what matters at the moment. I just hope that academically she is this year goes well. 

Boy Child has also started attending a Jazz Troupe class at dance.  He is trialling it to see how he goes.  I’m very impressed  as he was invited to join the class even though he has never studied jazz (only hip hop and only for the last 2 years) .  If it works out he will be performing in eisteddfods in the open age class.

So there have been lots of positives but also a few negatives. Remember this post where I was worried about Dr T as he was going away? Well I haven’t heard anything about his treatment but we also knew an 8 year old who was also going to have the same treatment pretty much in the same time period.  Her funeral was today.  While we were away I got a message form someone about it.  It’s really weird because we actually knew this child through two places (day care and dance) but haven’t been close to the family.  I didn’t go to the funeral but I’m really struggling with this young life lost.

Before she died I was thinking of participating in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave and now I am seriously considering it but am not sure if I should mention it to this little girls mother or not?  What do you think?  Would you sponsor me?  I have participated once before 3 years ago and back then my hair touched the bottom of my shoulder blades.  This time around it barely touches my collar as I have kept it short.  Should I do it? 

Also Boy Child come home today with scratch marks up his arm and a bite mark.  Yes, he was bitten by a kid at school!  How many Year 7’s still bite?  I’m still trying to get to the bottom of the story and I hope that Boy Child didn’t start the incident. So much for the great start to school.  At least he hasn’t been put off by this.

So did you miss me?  Did you get to the end of this LONG post?  I had almost 300 posts to catch up on when we got home and now I have another 100.  I apologise for not commenting but I am reading.


Ratz said...

That much, these are big things E.... I don't know what to say given that i am ignorant of such circumstances but of course I missed you. I hope that you are able to pull through all of this esp. the school incident. Take care. xo

Madmother said...

I missed you! So very glad it has mainly been positive. Will be waiting , watching and wondering until you resolve the bite issue.

Biting in Yr 7? Never would have believed it...

Being Me said...

Question is, I suppose, do YOU want to do it? I guess we all feel moved to do different things to show support/raise money/donate. If this is your thing it's bloody huge hearted of you! What a very sad time for the girl's parents, family and friends. I'm really sorry to read about her passing.
Boy Child's inclusion in the jazz troupe is awesome! My girl loves watching those Eistedfodd's on tv. And I am really pleased for you that he has made the transition to the new school so well, with the buses and everything. OMG to the biting though!


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