Saturday, 12 February 2011

I’m grateful

I thought that I would join in with Maxabella from Maxabella Loves and post about some of the things I am grateful for.
Grateful button

    • School going back!
    • The chocolate I had before school went back.
    • Coffee. I had 6 coffee dates with people (7 cups of coffee) over 5 days.  I don’t think I was the only person who was very grateful school has gone back.
    • The High School’s dealing of the issue Boy Child had. It turns out that the biter freely admitted their actions, Boy Child was completely in the clear and the other child got detention. To me, the best things were that the school informed me of the outcome and also told Boy Child that I was right to be worried and it was appropriate to let them know.
    • The weekend. It seems that this week has been very tiring for us all.  I am so very grateful for the weekend, the option to have a sleep in and hopefully relax.


Maxabella said...

There is something about a biter that really riles me! I'm glad your Boy was cleared. Phew.

Happy to see you here today!! x

Anonymous said...

I've been so grateful for coffee dates this week as well! Yes to school being back, even though the holidays were lovely.

Being Me said...

Biting??!! At high school? Odd.

Laughing at your coffee dates. Ah, yes. Cash registers all over the land must have been going "cha-chinnng" at about 9.30am on that first day especially.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very successful week all told, especially after the tension of the New School. Glad it worked out!


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