Tuesday, 14 January 2014

These holidays

I feel like we have done nothing. Whilst I know it's not true, it's how I feel. How about I list what we have done and maybe I'll feel better about it?

We went interstate for an early Christmas. We were only gone for about 13 hours because Serious Dog needed medication to keep his tumour under control.

Mr E., Girl Child and I saw Frozen at the movies. I enjoyed it. Boy Child wouldn't come with us because he was going to go and see it with friends. Of course then he didn't go with friends so I was thinking we could go and see it again on one of the two forecast 39 degree days this week. Boy Child doesn't want to.

We went and saw the 9 pm NYE Fireworks. We also watched the 12am ones on the TV. The fireworks were the only thing were celebrating on NYE 2013 considering we had had to have Serious Dog and Smiley Dog put down that afternoon.

I have cleaned all the dogs stuff and donated everything to two different animal rescue organisations as well as friends and the RSPCA. We have been twice to the RSPCA once to drop off donations of new toys and treats which we do most years and once to drop off the kennel and some leads. Neither time have we returned with an animal for which Mr E. is grateful.

I went into cleaning attack mode while dealing with the dog stuff and it briefly applied to other parts of the house. Thankfully, for me it wore off.

Mr E. and I went to the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to see the Gold and the Incas - the Lost worlds of Peru exhibition. We also had the Peruvian inspired 3 course lunch in the Sculpture garden restaurant. That was my Christmas present from the family. I enjoyed the exhibition and if I were going again I would only do the 2 course lunch. The suspiro de limeno desert was just delish! I'm going to try making it at home. While we were at the NGA I bought some really cool shoes. Part of the money goes to help protect the Amazon so I figure that's a win all round.

You can buy them online at http://www.inkkas.com
I've gone on an afternoon or evening walk for 9 out of the 13 days of January as part of my Operation Move #walk400 commitment. Read my last post for more detail.

Girl Child and I have also had coffee with friends twice but I still feel like we haven't done much. Could I have holiday envy? I have seen holiday photos from Fiji, the USA and Queensland. Other people I know have been to the coast and someone else is about to go to Europe. It used to be the kids always wanting to go and do things. This time around its me and they are happy to just hang around the house.

Normally we would go to the coast the week before school goes back but I have a day of work right in the middle of that. Boy Child may have stuff for Army Cadets but we don't know when if or when that is happening. If we do go, it will only be two or three nights. I think maybe that's my problem. I can't make plans and even if I did Boy has hit the 'I don't want to go away with you' stage. He is 15 and as yet we haven't left him alone overnight. He would like us to go away for two days or more days without him. As I told him, I'm not comfortable with that idea right now. I'm not sure when I will be. But just knowing that he doesn't want to go with us has made me sad. 

I'm hoping my holiday blues go away soon.


Sarah said...

I wouldn't worry too much about boy child E, its a natural stage and often, when pushed to spend time with their family they do actually enjoy it (its more about them having to make an effort that they find hard).

I know what you mean about holiday envy, so many people I know seem to be off doing exciting stuff but, to be honest, I enjoyed my holiday regardless (and spent a hell of a lot less!).

Absolutely LOVE the shoes and am going to take a look.

Well done on keeping up the exercise, it's so cold and wet here right now that Im struggling a bit to get out and about as much as Id like. I cant wait for Spring!

alliecat said...

I hear you. We haven't done much either. As a mum I feel like I need to give them lots of experiences so they can list them off when they go back to school, so they feel like their time has been filled with fun stuff. At the same time it's important to rest, to have lots of free play time, sleep in, stay up late, see friends and just be.

Trying to balance the two. It's not easy because that involves mother guilt too if you haven't done lots of activities!

If they aren't complaining about being that dreaded "b" word, then you have done just fine.

E. said...

Sarah - we have spent loads less money than others I'm sure. I've got friends with teenagers who have refused to go places with them for a couple of years but I guess I thought we were going to skip it. Maybe his ASD has just made it occur later. Have you bought some shoes yet? I'm still loving mine.

Alliecat - we've seen Frozen twice now. The second time was to escape the heat (only 39 to 40 degrees) we don't have air con. I think we all really need the sleep here even Girl child isn't awake before 9:30 or 10 most days. I have bought some craft activities that Girl Child and she is having fun.


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