Thursday, 30 January 2014

Operation Move #walk400 Progress post

So it's almost the end of January. I thought I should do a progress report before I do a wrap up in a few days. Also I want some advice so I'll be asking for your opinions as well.

At my last check in on Friday 24 January my numbers for that week were:

  • 171 minutes 3 seconds which was13.29 km of walking.
  • A number of these walks have been done with Girl Child. Remarkably she walks slower than me while we are walking / exercising but much faster than me at the shops. We are chatting a fair bit so maybe that’s the reason. That and I hate shopping!
  • The total walking I had done in January was 591 minutes 58 seconds and 43.84 km.
  • Including the walks I have taken in the last few days my January total is now 741 minutes 38 seconds and 54.29 km.
Now the goal of #walk400 was to get people starting (or continuing) to move in January. I decided that I wanted to push myself and walk 800 plus minutes which I am on schedule for at the moment.  I was also trying to get slimmer in order to fit onto a dress for a wedding on Australia Day.  We should note that I didn't fit into the dress I wanted to wear and I ended up buying a new one. But I was kind of okay with that. The dress was only a size L not the XL I was afraid of but I did follow Mr E's advice and bought some suck everything in underwear. I didn't look too bad even if I do say so myself.
With January almost done, how am I going to keep up with my getting healthy, moving that #walk400 has geared me up for? Well the gang over at Operation Move have decided to kick things up a gear and set February's challenge to be #walk450 which I am definitely going to join. But they are also starting a learn to run group.
I'm intrigued by that because a few years ago I could actually run a little (by little I mean a couple if minutes at 12 kph). I'd love to be able to run again but I'm worried as at the moment I can barely walk faster than 5.5 kph. Internet people, what should I do? I want to be fitter and healthier but I also don't want to set myself up for a fail or even worse - an injury. I’m also concerned that my work hours could do what they did last year and jump from 6 hours a week to about 23.  If that happens during February and I’ve signed up to not only walk 450 minutes but also learn to run on 3 days a week as well, well I may not be able to keep all the balls in the air.

That said, if I’m only trying to walk 450 and not 800 plus realistically it’s still light until 8 so I could walk 2 to 3 days a week and learn to run on 3 other days.  Right?  Or am I insane? Or just overthinking as I do?

Is anyone else planning on learning to run with Operation Move in February?

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Bron Maxabella said...

Being able to see and compare all those stats seems so motivating. I am going to get more techie with my fitness and health ambitions! Go you! x


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