Friday, 3 January 2014

My Word for 2014

You may have seen this floating around Facebook.

Mr E. had jokingly suggested that I use it to come up with my word for the year which I have done for the last few years with the wonderful Bron from Maxabella loves.
The first three words I saw were:


love and


I didn't really think of any of those as words that I wanted to strive towards or use to describe my expectations this year. I was considering using Focus because I think I need to do that. But then I thought about the things I want to do this year: a family holiday to Uluru, go to see the Lion King on stage and go to the Gold and the Incas exhibition at the Australian National Gallery. These are all things I want to do, I want to experience things.

Image from

Here are the definitions from the Free Online Dictionary:

ex·pe·ri·ence (noun)
1. The apprehension of an object, thought, or emotion through the senses or mind: a child's first experience of snow.
2. a. Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill: a lesson taught by experience; a carpenter with experience in roof repair.
2. b. The knowledge or skill so derived.
3. a. An event or a series of events participated in or lived through.
3. b. The totality of such events in the past of an individual or group.To participate in personally; undergo: experience a great adventure; experienced loneliness.

I’m really wanting to be a more active participate in events in my life in 2014. I’m sure I will experience a lot of things this year, both positive and negative. I think my attitude will have a lot to do with the way I see things. This Victoria Holt quote appeals to me.

Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

- Victoria Holt

Here’s the link to Maxabella Loves Word for 2014. What word is your word for 2014? Why not join in or even just check out the words others have chosen for 2014?


Bron Maxabella said...

Love, time and money? Yes please! That sounds perfect.

I'd take experience in a heartbeat too. It just reeks of adventure and fearlessness. Embracing all of life and getting stuck in. It's going to be a great year for you, E. x

Michelle said...

Heres to experience, that is a great word for the year! I like that picture puzzle too very cool idea. My word for 2014 is motivate :)

E. said...

Bron - time, love and money sounds like a great 2014.

Michelle - Motivate is a great word too.

I hope 2014 has been going well and that your chosen word/s are a helping to focus your thoughts.

Karen Loethen said...

Good one!

I got 'Happiness', 'lust', and 'beauty'...and that ain't bad.


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