Friday, 25 May 2012


I'm tired. My head hurts. My brain seems just seems to be going faster and faster. I'm worrying, as usual.

The other day I cried when Mr E. told me that Dr Jesse didn't give Boy Child a script for an Asthma medication that he has been on since he was 2. Over emotional, much?

Now it sounds irrational but to put it in context, the last time Boy Child stopped taking this preventative medication he ended up at Emergency twice in three days. Given the second time he was already taking Pred (steroid we use for bad asthma exacerbations) I'm not very comfortable that he is off his preventer medication again. Admittedly, it was probably 4 years ago but the regime he has been on since he was 2 has worked for us and the longest visit to Emergency has only been about 5 hours.


I can't remember if I mentioned this to you all, but Boy Child had a number of altercations of another child in his year during last year. Boy Child defended two friends from this boy (whom I will refer to as C) on three seperate occasions and was also punched several times in the head by C in yet another incident. At the end of the year we were told that C would be attending a different school for at least 6 months possibly a year. However, C is now back at school. So far Boy Child hasn't had any contact with C, thankfully. Boy had to make statement to the Police about one of the incidents, I've been a little concerned about C being back at school. So far, so good.

Maybe my worries are all for nothing. I hope so.


This weekend, I'm planning on getting more sleep and spending less time worrying. How about you?



Sarah said...

Worrying comes with the territory doesn't it but often it's unfounded.

The medication issues I'm sure is a worry given that you had a bad experience in the past but hopefully the doctor has taken that into consideration when making the decision to stop it.

The school issue, hmmm ... I always have the urge to batter the crap out of anyone who hurts or threatens my childrens happiness (I have managed to resist that urge honest!) - lets hope this boy has learned some valuable lessons in the time he's been away and that everything will be ok.

Madmother said...

Hey stranger, sorry to have been M.I.A. but you probably have read of our turmoils of late.

I know nothing has happened yet with the return of C, but I would pre-empt any issues by going to the school (all niceness, of course) and asking "Due to the history of the relationship with C, what has been done to ensure Boy Child's safety and to gurantee they meet the school's duty of care?"
In other words, if the little shit breathes the wrong way at BC, they better kick his arse out pronto or else the fire-breathing mamma will appear and kick THEIR arses!

Leanne said...

HaHa. Great to have MM on your team :)

It's hard not to worry ... but it's even harder when you do. When you feel worried and you think it might be "over-worry" try exercising your smile muscles. Just smile a fake smile and keep it there for long enough so that the dopamines and endorphins and seratonin kick in and before you know it you're smiling for real. That might help quieten the worried mind just a little bit. Also try saying three things you are grateful for each time you worry. Again that gets different chemicals flowing and the worries don't feel quite as fierce. I know this sounds like bullshit and it sounds like I'm simplifying things .. but these seemingly simple things are real tricks which can produce real results. It helps get the worries in perspective so that you can determine if they are real or perceived.

Have a great sleep E.


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