Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm a ....WINNER

Yes, I have just completed over 50,000 words on my written piece of work (which maybe considered an unfinished and untitled novel) and can now be considered a WINNER.  Apparently only 19% of people who sign up actaully validate their 50,000 words. So I am very pleased that I am one of them.

I have a badge and everything to prove it!

Doesn't that look great?  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Relieved that I made it given only about 19% of people who sign up actually achieve the 50,000.  Relieved that it is all my writing, I did not succumb to writing all the contractions (such as I've) out to the full words.  Apparently that can give you a lot of words. Nor did I write everyone's name out in full which was another suggestion I found when I was panicking about not making the 50,000 words.

So what have I learned over the last 30 days and nights?  I can write more (but probably not better) when under pressure. The goal was to write 1,667 words per day but at the end of Day 26 I was averaging 1,365 words per day which meant I was behind by almost 7900 words.

I'm not sure what I have written is fit for anybody except me to read. But I also know that is is not complete garbage. I know that I managed to write every single day. I feel great about that.  I'm also very impressed I finished with about 90 minutes to spare.

How did all the other people attempting NaNoWriMo go?


Sarah Mac said...

OMG E, well done!!!

I signed up and chickened out without writing a word (although I did do NaBloPoMo).

That is a HUGE achievement, you should be incredibly proud of yourself!

I'll bet there is a lot of great stuff in there and now is the time to go back through and pick it out, edit, whatever and who knows, maybe have something ready to publish???

So pleased for you :)) x

Diane said...

What a great accomplishment! Well done, you!

Madmother said...

OMG - so proud of you woman! Well done.

Oh, and owe you an e-mail, things have been nuts around here...

Leanne said...

That's HUGE!!! OMG. Well done E. Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!!!!


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