Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NaNoWriMo I signed up

Of course I have no plot, no characters, no ideas at all really. Well, there is this idea for a series romance book (think Mills and Boon) I thought about writing years ago but I think it's extremely a bit stupid now.

Sarah suggested I go back and check out my W.O.W stuff and I think that's the best way to go. But if anyone wants to donate an idea, a character or perhaps even a plot line just in box me. Does 'in box me' sound as dumb as I think?

What does this mean for you? Apart from picking your brain, I may be a little quite on the blogging front. After all, I have now have a deadline of 30 November to write 50,000 words. That's only 1,666 or so words a day. I can do that.

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At least in Australia, I don't have to worry about Thanksgiving. Plus I don't even start to think about Christmas until December. I know most people don't actually finish and hardly anyone actually gets a published novel out of this, but I'm really only doing this to see that I can. I'm very undisciplined. I'm just wondering what things around the house are going to suddenly need to be done instead of writing every day.

Pass the paracetamol. If I think my head hurts now, then is going to really be pounding once the reality actually sinks in.


Suzi said...

Well done! You'll be right, if I am stuck for story line I try putting on a piece of music and the words come out by themselves. Sometimes I get characters from people I know or a random stranger I wonder about - look out the window and observe a part of nature - nature is perfect for getting the descriptive juices flowing and setting a scene.
Good luck, I look forward to reading it!

Leanne said...

How exciting!! YAY!!! Do it, do, it. You can totally do this E. Yay!!!!

The best advice I was given (which I have always followed) is to write about what you know. So make sure many components of the story line include things you already know about (whether it be workplace, growing up, environment, interests etc). Much like Christine did with DBIHH and Spinning Out. She always has a theme of an American in Melbourne, and it always includes dancing.
Then get pictures out of a magazine and post them on a pin board so that you can always have a reference point in which to describe your characters and scenery.
Then pick someone you either know or admire to start modeling the personality around ... just to begin with ... then before you know it your character will start creating itself!

Then, with the outer plot, write about what you know. An environment you are familiar with. Then for the inner/main plot take an end point ... then move backwards and roughly mark out some guide rails. And then just start writing .. and writing ... and writing ... and don't get hung up on word count or structure right away .... just write ... and in no time your story will start writing itself and all the guide posts you mapped out will suddenly connect and you will marvel at your brilliance.
That's how I do it. I'm no world famous novelist or anything, but I have a few books written and it seems to work. I think the biggest thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself or second guess yourself as you write. Nor wonder if anyone will like it. Just write .... let it flow ... and the rest will take care of itself.
Have fun!!
Do we get to read it?
(vigorous little hand clap)

Leanne said...

PS I am here to "listen" if you want to run plot or character or "hook" by me ...

Lene said...

Good Luck! I am much too lazy to even attempt something like this. Good on you!


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