Thursday, 24 November 2011

Expecting a bang but getting a whimper

November was going to be a big month here in our house. We have Girl Child's dance concert - had been Boy Childs too, until things got very messy about 8 weeks ago. Three shows held over two days, with a dress rehearsal and a stage rehearsal leading up to them. Then there was my long awaited MRI and finally the appointment that Boy Child had which got bumped from February to November after Dr Jesse rang and asked the specialist to actually read the referral.Then I signed up for NaNoWriMo. So November was panning out to be huge.Surprisingly, though if you don't count the bedtime head lice discovery and removal earlier this week, it's all be quite calm. A bit of an anticlimax, really. Of course we still have the dance concerts to do but even trial make up this year went much more smoothly than previously.I have written over 32,000 words on a something that could either be loosely termed a novel or 'word vomit'. I got my MRI and have a CD to prove that I have a brain. Unfortunately for me the slight brain bleed I was hoping for did not eventuate. Although, Dr Jesse did say my idea of just going in and whacking a clip on a tiny bleeding vessel or whatever was a bit too simplistic. I still have to see the Neurologist again just before Christmas but really part from having a brain there were no big flashing lights showing. Dammit!Boy Child had his appointment which went so exceeding well that he doesn't need medication or to see the specialist again. For which I am very grateful. And it was very nice to actually be able to be with Boy Child while he talked to someone about this stuff. Things were actually explained clearly. $400 or so for peace of mind was totally worth it.So the big things that I expected to end with a bang? Well, they really just wandered past with a whimper. Let's hope dance and NaNo do too. Write 3,000 words a day for the next six days, I can do that!Just let me have a nap first, okay?


Sarah Mac said...

All sounding pretty good, well, with the exception of the headlice - the plague of my life for YEARS only ending when they went to secondary school.

Best of luck with the neurologist!

Leanne said...

Headlice is better than a brain bleed isn't it?

Can't wait to read your novel!!!

Go you ....


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