Thursday, 4 March 2010

My younger self – Blog This challenge

What would you tell yourself?  Would you give advice?  What advice would that be? Ask about your perception of the world?  Give us an idea of who you think you were or who you think you'll be in the future...

If I could go back and meet myself I think I would give advice.  Like many of the others who have entered this challenge I’m not sure I would want my younger self to change things.  Well at least not too many because I am who I am due to the life I have led.  I’m not saying there are things I wouldn’t change if I had the choice but if I did would I be the same person I am today?  Would I have my husband (would I even be married? To the same guy?) Would I have my children? What would I be doing with my life?

To my high school self:

Please accept when asked to dance by your gorgeous and lovely PE teacher at your Year 10 formal.  To this day this is one of my great regrets.

To me living away from home:

Living pretty much only on 2 minutes noodles with frozen vegetables for months while trying to save for a house deposit is a really, REALLY silly idea!

To my newly married self:

Enjoy the the time you have with your husband.  Once you have children there’s a lot less time for just the two of you.

To me after the birth of Boy child:

This year is going to be tough.  Take lots of photos to help you remember things.  When the Dr says ‘possible hysterectomy’ it will be okay. In the next 5.5 months spend lots of time with your Dad.  And maybe when you have that conversation with your mother…make sure you tell your dad how much you love him.

To me as the mother of two children:

I know almost all photos of Girl Child are digital, but you should print some and make an album for her.  She loves looking at Boy Child's album so please do one for her and update his as well. Remember to spend time with them as they grow up so fast.

To me as a wife:

When Mr E. gives you flowers out of the blue one day please don't burst into tears and ask him what he has done wrong.  Not all men only give flowers to apologise for something.  Say thank you and you might actually keep getting them occasionally. This is another thing I really regret.

To me as a daughter:

Your relationship with your mother is always going to be turbulent. Enjoy the good bits when you have them.  Nurture your children’s relationship with her so they have happy memories of her.

Most of all

Try to learn to like yourself.  Like everyone, you have flaws but they don’t make you a bad person or unlikable.

If you choose to go against your instincts there will be consequences.  Think about that.

And finally, Chocolate is good in moderation.  3 chocolate bars in a work day is NOT moderation.


Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

So sane. Lovely advice.

Clarissa said...

I really like how you have done this challenge - just little messages for different stages of your life. Though I did some awful things to myself when in high school I don't think I would tell myself to not do them - cause it has made me really strong in who I am now - and more confident. And know who are the good friends and who are the users.

E. said...

Thanks for commenting.

Melissa said...

3 chocolate bars is not moderation.

Lol - laughed at this one.

DarNonymous said...

Loved this, all so so true.


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