Friday, 26 March 2010

100th Post – 100 Things about me

To celebrate my 100th blog post, here are 100 things about me.  I stole the idea from Melissa over at Suger Coat It.  Her answers are here.

So here is my list. Some you my know, some you may know.  And as Melissa did I will try to keep the answers short.

  1. Wife
  2. Mother
  3. Chocoholic
  4. Insecure
  5. Tired
  6. Friend
  7. Procrastinator
  8. Messy
  9. Insular
  10. Wear Glasses
  11. Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers wearer
  12. No domestic goddess
  13. Business Manager
  14. P&C Treasurer
  15. On School Board
  16. Class room helper
  17. Children’s chauffeur
  18. Romance reader
  19. Tea Drinker
  20. Coffee Drinker
  21. Pepsi Max Drinker
  22. Coke Zero Drinker
  23. Adult Orphan
  24. Incompetent Form Completer
  25. Occasional Sibling
  26. Complicated
  27. Non-Photogenic
  28. Worrier
  29. Brown haired
  30. So not a girly girl
  31. Serial volunteer
  32. Boy Child and Girl Child’s Advocate
  33. Supportive parent and partner
  34. Self deprecating
  35. Coeliac
  36. Apparently good head for numbers
  37. Love to sleep
  38. Enjoy takeaway
  39. Dog Owner
  40. Rabbit Owner
  41. Blogger since 25 October 2009
  42. Overweight
  43. IT incompetent
  44. Love Lord of the Rings (book and movies)
  45. Defender of the weak
  46. Wishes life was fair
  47. Play too many games on Facebook
  48. Appear tough but in reality am very soft
  49. Sucker
  50. Sometimes think about taking up drinking alcohol
  51. Sometime student (got to finish that course!)
  52. Can be passive aggressive
  53. Frustrated
  54. Miss having time out with Mr E.
  55. Stressed / stress head
  56. Grateful
  57. Wistful
  58. Supportive
  59. Alone
  60. Sad
  61. Hopeful
  62. Hoping to learn how to make cards
  63. Granddaughter
  64. Niece
  65. Cousin
  66. Private (Why am I doing this list?)
  67. Intense
  68. Miss Mr E. already and he is only away for a night
  69. Determined
  70. Stubborn
  71. Sensitive
  72. Empathetic
  73. Aloof
  74. Still wondering what I’m going to do with my life
  75. Glad I have my family
  76. Dream of escape
  77. Lonely
  78. Sometimes Angry at the world
  79. Hoarder
  80. HATE Filing
  81. Worry constantly about screwing my kids up
  82. Watch the Biggest Loser hoping it will inspire me to get fit
  83. Enjoy music
  84. Enjoy reading not just romance
  85. Always hope for a Happy ending
  86. So very proud of my children
  87. Love my family very, very much
  88. Impressed by Mr E.
  89. Uncoordinated
  90. Want to be loved
  91. Survivor
  92. Smartarse
  93. Currently listening to Pink
  94. In awe of so many people
  95. Strive to be a better person
  96. Still wonder what Mr E saw in me
  97. Wish I was normal (and not the setting on the dryer!)
  98. Hungry as it’s almost lunchtime
  99. Wanted to be a writer
  100. So very glad this list is done!

So there you have it my 100th post and 100 random things about me.  I hope you managed to make it to the end.

100th Balloons 

Happy 100th post to me.


Lucy said...

Cool list. Cool chick. Cool blog. xx

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Fabulous! Thank you x

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post!! Love the list.

Clarissa said...

Happy 100 posts!! I also wonder what my boyfriend saw in me. The first time i saw him (that i recall) i had just spilt water all over myself!!!!

Anna said...

Happy 100th post! Great list. Nodded my head many times!!

DarNonymous said...

Wooo! Go 100! Good list, was ticking off most of them as I went too.

E. said...

Thank you all! I appreciate your lovely comments. And I feel like one of the beautiful people. And you all are too! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post. Really enjoyed your list. What a great idea.


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