Friday, 29 June 2012

Things I know - 29 Jun 2012

I'm joining in with Dorothy from Singular Insanity again this week for Things I Know.

Considering how many of the bloggers I read have big stuff going on in their lives (both positive and negative) I know that my little corner of the world is fairl quiet. My heart goes out to those who are struggling with health issues - whether their own or family members. I hope things are on the improve for you all.

I know that Mr E. is set on getting healthy. I am so proud and impressed with the lifestyle choices he has made. I have matched him by giving up sugar in coffee. I only added it to proper (non instant coffee) which I generally only have have when I'm out and about. Now we both drink decaf coffee made with skim milk. Some may think that is tasteless but so far it's working out.

I know that the whole getting healthy thing will be good for us. We are eating a lot more vegetables than before and I'm sure we will be better for it. I'm also learning to cook differently. Any ideas on cooking spinach so it's not mush (which tonights was) are very gratefully accepted.

I know that when I get a phone call from an unlisted number from Girl Child's school then it's likely that Girl Child is in trouble. I also know that these phone calls upset me. Or rather, the information that I am given upsets me.

I know that her social skills are delayed. Some days I wonder how much of her behaviour is hers and how much learnt from her brother. I know I don't believe she has enough traits to get an ASD diagnosis. But I also know that siblings of people with ASDs have more traits than the general population.

Are you going to join in this week? The linky will be until Sunday evening.


Dorothy Krajewski said...

You know that once you get the little stuff right, they make the hard, big stuff so much easier to cope with, right? I seem to be great with big stuff, but absolutely fail at making small positive changes in my life.

I think you're doing a fantastic job.

Also, I think my two boys are the same as your girl child, they have their quirks and not quite developed social skills, but probably not enough to be on the spectrum. I'm still to get all the tests organised, but all I want is some help to help them deal with their issues.

Thank you for linking up this week :-)

Bachelor Mum said...

Getting healthy step by step - you can't do a better thing for yourself and your family than that. I don't have sugar in my coffee either. If someone puts it in now i almost gag. I'm sure you're sweet enough, anyway by the sounds of it. :-)

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