Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday, 16 Feb 2012

I figure after last nights post I should join in with Kate for Thankful Thursday. Here we go.  Short and hopefully to the point.


I'm thankful that I have not attended any funerals in quite a while.

I'm thankful that Dr T is back and while not exactly well, is healthy enough to be working a little.

I'm thankful that I have a husband who loves me despite my neuroses. One who will take time off work to sit with me in an appointment just in case I need him.

Finally, I am extremely thankful that my life is considerably less complicated than some other people I have spoken to today.


Lisa H said...

It's all about balance! :-)

That's a good list of thankfuls to follow the sad post. x

Leanne said...

They're good thankfuls. Seeing the good in the bad situations can really help. Looking forward to our cuppa in a few weeks.

Clancy said...
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Clancy said...

TT is great isn't it, makes us stop and remember to even BE thankful :-) And don't let those other people bring you down, maybe just ask them what THEY have to be thankful for lol


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