Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rich People’s Problems Dec 2010

I have done this previously but after my whining last post/s I thought I should do it again. After all, I occasionally often need a kick up the bum wake up call.    Cooper, Pepper and their Mum and Dad visited Cambodia recently so check out Big Brother, Little Sister particularly this post for a kick up the bum if you need one too.  As before the idea is to list problems that only rich (or first world, or affluent or comfortably well off) people have.

This week my rich people’s problems were:
  • Not having  hot water for most of Friday… because I could make a phone call and a good looking  nice plumber came and fixed it within a few hours.
  • Being in quarantine with Girl Child due to her Chicken Pox…because Chicken Pox is not small pox, polio or other nasty / very rare (where I live) disease.
  • Being at home with Girl child (yes again)…because I work from home and don’t have to take leave to look after her. I also can’t be fired for not being at work for the last week and a half and I don't get pressured to send her back before she is well.
  • Suddenly realising that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I haven't gotten presents for lots of people…but I have access to money and shops which many people do not.
  • Our garage flooded with the rain…however, the water catchment areas are full plus the family and rest of our home is safe and dry.
  • My frustration with our school (I seem to be a broken record on this at the moment)…but my children have a safe place to go to,  where they learn and play with friends etc.
  • My difficulty accepting that my boy baby growing up and going to High School…we live in a country where children don’t have to work to support themselves or their families.
Have you had any rich people’s problems lately?  Or am I the only one?

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Farmers Wifey said...

My thing is that I can't believe Xmas is so close and I can't remember when it snuck up on me......Just started following you here xx

Could you do me a favour and vote for me here, I'm on page 1 under Farmers Wifey...I'd be ever so grateful xx


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