Thursday, 9 December 2010

Don’t push me ‘cause I’m close to the edge…

So here we are again.  Me whining. It may have something to do with Girl Child having been in Chicken Pox quarantine for 8 days.  I have escaped a few times to buy the essentials like chocolate bread and milk, etc.  Oh on the weekend  I also took Boy Child to all 3 dance concerts, his Martial Arts grading and a birthday party.

Luckily, life isn’t like my grandmother thinks it is and Mr E. is fully capable of looking after his children.  Of course when you ask Girl Child did she have a good day on Sunday (Boy Child and I were out most of the day) she says: Mum, it was really fun yesterday.  Every time I said I was sick Dad put on Barbie for me.  His response: Needed to keep her still.

Being stuck at home with Dad is much more fun that being stuck at home with Mum as there is way less TV and more house work type things.  On Tuesday she asked to go back to school. School? That place she has told me countless times that she doesn’t like… I must be boring.

Anyway, here are the whines.

Whine 1: Don't tell us you will keep a place at your school for Girl Child and we have until the end of the year to decide if you don't actually mean it. Thankfully, I rang to confirm that you had kept the place before I bought uniforms etc.  I’m really peeved about this.  There was no checking if we needed the place, nothing.  To me the end of the year is the end of the year not whenever you actually gave the place away.  If you had said let me know by Week 1 of Term 4 we would have had an answer then.  But you didn't! We don’t finish school here until next Friday. The current school hadn't gotten back to me on issues I’d raised with them a few weeks ago and I was waiting for their response.  Of course, our current school only started thinking about classes yesterday.  Note: School here finishes next Friday and I didn't ring the other school today either.

Whine 2: If you can’t go to a function due to your partners birthday perhaps you should say that when the time date is first suggested.  After all it’s not February 29, the birthday is on the some date every year. Then don’t ask someone to change it to another day and then once that is done ask for it to be deferred to next year!  Seriously there are 8 people going to this dinner.  While you think it does, the world doesn't actually revolve around you.

Whine 3: Please don't lie to me about things that I have seen happen.  And have seen them happen on several occasions. It’s amazing how fast you tried to back pedal when I named people and places.

I’m sure there are more but numbers 2 and 3 happened this morning and it just did my head in.

So, what currently has you close to the edge? I’m sure other people are feeling like this today as well.  Please share so I don't feel so alone!

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Being Me said...

Aughhh, hope you're a little further from the cliff today, Mrs E. Thank you for your insightful comment on my blog. As you read, ah, yes... I can certainly empathise with you. Your whine #2: seriously? OMG.


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