Monday, 19 April 2010

Back from interstate

4 days of washing to do. 4 days of internet free time to make up. 4 days of Blog posts to read…. You lot have been posting demons while I have been away. 

While we were away we:

  • went to the beach (twice for Boy child and I and once for Girl child – she went to church when we went to the beach the second time),
  • caught up with most of the family,
  • swam in a cousins pool,
  • attended a birthday party, and
  • had Cold Rock Ice Cream for the first time.

We stayed longer at the party then I had planned so we got home at 9 pm last night.  I’m tired and have a headache (probably because I’m tired) and I would so love a nap but it’s not going to happen.

I’ve had coffee and chocolate breakfast cereal so I am hitting the water now and after some painkillers I will attempt to catch up on my blog reading. 


Clarissa said...

Ohh. i love cold rock. WHen my boyfriennd and I were house sitting in Manly we had it like every day! What did you have?

E. said...

I had vanilla mixed with a camello koala. Adn I know Caremello Koalas are Gluten Free. It was yummo.

Boy Child had chocolate sundae type one with cream and a malteaser on the top. And Girl Child had Double chocolate with Nerds mixed in.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Welcome back! I nearly ducked into a cold rock today while picking up my new computer keyboard - but realised that my gal would die of jealousy if I went without her so am planning a trip with child later in the week. Hope you're feeling better now x

Psych Babbler said...! Wish I could have gone to the beach this weekend. Damn this cold weather. Jealous...


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