Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My blog is beautiful, again!

The absolutely wonderful Anna has passed me the Beautiful Blogger award again.  Given I have  only just received it and passed it on, I thought I would just acknowledge Anna. 

I also need to say how in awe I am that people seem to like my blog. 

Are you all nuts?  

Seriously, it is very much appreciated.

I heart you sticky


Kakka said...

But it really is a beautiful blog. xxx

Lulu said...

Well its not like your blog SUCKS or anything...xoxoxoxo

Anella said...

I love reading your blog & it looks visually great too! :) I'm catching up on everyones posts as I've been offline a while again! x

Lucy said...

Your blog is CALM. I love it.

Madmother said...

Calm, yes, good description.

And you KNOW I am nuts, thank you very much.

Love it!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I prefer the term slightly eccentric... But I do adore checking in with your blog and what's going on. x

DarNonymous said...

We love your Blog! Just accept it dammit!

Being Me said...

It IS a really lovely looking blog :)

LOL you sound about as unbelieving as me, about people actually reading and liking your blog! Too funny.


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