Wednesday, 6 February 2013

We survived the school holidays

Yes, we have survived the school holidays. Amazingly, I was only tempted to run away from home a few times.  I’m putting this down to actually feeling quite relaxed this time around.  We seemed to do quite a lot of things which probably helped keep things are a fairly even keel.  We went to family for Christmas and my solo break was great. I also took the kids away twice.  Once to catch up with family interstate again and once for 5 nights away at the coast.  Here are a few pictures of our coast trip.

 Sunny Merimbula

Sun, surf and sand

GF Fish and Chips

I found a take away that sells Gluten Free Battered Fish, Potato Cakes etc.

It was delicious!

 Mini Golf

What family holiday would be complete without Mini Golf?

We also saw a few movies and hang around the house. Bothe Boy Child and Girl Child went to friends places as well. Girl Child and I also did some craft. No, I’m not actually a crafty person but these Friendship Bracelets were good. I think they are pretty impressive. Check out the flowers on the top one!

  Friendship bracelets

Aren’t these cool?  You can probably tell pink and purple are Girl Child’s favourite colours.

It was making these that I realised that perhaps Girl Child has got her need for perfectionism for me. I have taken a few completely apart so that the pattern works out.  We already had a Friendship bracelet foam circle with one pattern but we downloaded the other patterns from here: Friendship Bracelets Circle Patterns. I’m still not very quick with these (especially when I keep starting over!) but they are a fun activity.

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