Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reinventing myself

As part of my Cert IV in Education Support, I have to do 60 hours of practical work experience in a school. Which is fine except that the school where i will be doing my work experience has a no denim rule.  Oh, and shirts have to be slogan free and meet the Sun Protection Policy.  The Policy recommendeds Loose fitting, closely woven cotton fabrics and shirts with a collar and longer sleeves and longer skirts and shorts.

I have been working from home from most of the last 8 years.  My standard mode of dress is jeans with T-shirts (mostly with IT company logos or slogans on them) and runners. There are people I have known for years who have never seen me in anything other than jeans. I’ve been in a bit of a panic so I have been shopping (something that I really don’t enjoy) on quite a few occasions.

This is what I have some up with:


3 pairs of 3/4 cuffed pants


An ocean coloured top with gathers on the neck and a cream collared shirt with roll up sleeves


I bought the black shoes. The denim ballet flats I’ve had for a few years but not often worn. 

What do you think?  I have also bought a pair of full length black boot leg pants so I think pants wise I am covered.  In fact, the grey and olive look so similar I was thinking about returning a pair.  I do have some more shirts but I need to have enough decent clothes to wear 2 days a week without looking like I’m wearing the same thing every week. I’m even considering wearing makeup to hopefully make a good impression.

I had thought that I will probably revert back to my normal standard of dress for the 3 days I’m at Tafe but maybe not.  I would actually like to have some decent stylish clothes so I don’t have to panic when I’ve got a work meeting. 

I’ve put on about 5 kilos in the last year so it’s highly probably that some of my shirts don’t fit anymore, plus my previous new clothes are basically T-shirts with long sleeves, so not that great for the warmer weather.  Unfortunately, most of the tops / shirts available in the shops at the moment don’t meet the Sun Protection guidelines.  I’m not too worried about not having a collar but the sheer, lacy and singlet styles are definitely out.

It would be really good if I could get hold of some more tops and even better if I could upgrade from very casual to smart casual at least.  Will two pairs of shoes be enough? Has anyone got any ideas to help expand my wardrobe?  I’m really only looking at pants and tops because I figure I may need to get down on the play a lot and skirts and dresses aren’t really my style suitable. 

I think the just starting the course was a huge step in the reinvention of me.  This next step could just be seen window dressing.  That can be pretty important, too.

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Leanne said...

Look at your new clothes!!

I am so excited for you.

Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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