Monday, 26 March 2012

Searching for blogging motivation

I had so much hope for my blog this year. I did January photo a day. Joined a 30 days to build a better blog course and started out with Debra Dane's 52 weeks to simplify your life.

During February i fell off the blogging wagon. I lost my motivation. Not just for blogging but for a lot of things. It was probably about the time that I inadvertently got caught in something between two people I knew. It beat my confidence and my belief in people down.

I see people I know blogging every day or most days of the week. I want to blog but the posts i have in draft in are all whiny and really don't do much than download my head a little. That's the reason I started this blog. Maybe if I get garbage out of my head I'll be back better than ever. Here's hoping.



Sarah said...

I hope so E - I've been a little the same and blogged about it a little and then felt (as you say) whiny and drama queenish even though these things are very real to me.

Blog and get it off your chest if it helps, few people judge and most encourage and it might just clear that block.

Whatever the difficulties holding you back right now I hope they pass soon.

Anella said...

If anyone knows anything about falling off the blogging bandwagon, it's me!
I had so much hope for my blog this year too (don't we all at the start of a new year). I could see myself uploading a picture every single day and having something to talk about every day.. well, I do, but when it comes to writing it all down.. I don't know..

Come on E, we'll do it together, let's get back into our blogging boots & do what we do best & whine at the world.. I know you have a lot to say, even if it is whining, do it! When we whine about our problems there's always other people out there to listen, plus it helps you get it off your chest :)

Hope you are well x & get blogging! x

Diane said...

The motivation will come back. It always does. :)


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