Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The good in the world

There's an email which often makes the rounds about a boy named Shay who is differently abled (from memory he has down syndrome but i could be wrong) and he plays baseball.It's an uplifting email as both Shay's team and the opposition help Shay to achieve a home run.

I've received that email a number of times over the last few years and while it is a heartwarming story, I consider myself a realist (often bordering on pessimist) so I have always filed that story away as nice but probably not real.

This week we have had our own heartwarming event occur. I was so impressed that I thought I'd share.

Girl Child has low muscle tone which for her means she is not very good at at physical things and is quite uncoordinated. She dances and we know that she has much more enthusiasm than ability. We know that some physical activities are difficult for her but we have always told her to try her best. At Girl Childs school this week they had the cross country carnival. Now, Girl Child knows her own limitations and her goal for this year was to not come last. Her age group (everyone born in 2003) had to run 1.5 km.

Girl Child was in last place within the first 20 or so metres. I start to worry and I hope that she is resilient enough to continue and not burst into tears before the first turn. I was astounded when a Year 6 boy left the house group and started running alongside her. He was one of the Captains of her sports house. We don't know this boy but he stayed alongside Girl Child encouraging her for all bar the very beginning of the race. Near the end two other children from her sports house also went and supported her while she almost overtook a few girls and then finished the race.

It was wonderful to watch. I thanked all the children, especially the House Captain and ensured the Principal and Deputy Principal were aware of how much the encouragement of Girl Child meant to me. I really hope that at the next school assembly he is recognized for his sportsmanship and encouragement.

I was blown away by this young mans behaviour and attitude towards a child that he did not know. He is a great sports captain and lovely boy. I hope that his parents know how grateful Girl Child and I both were for his support.

While Girl still was the last runner to finish, another girl had stopped running and went to sit with her family. As she never finished, technically Girl Child wasn't really last. And we are very proud that she participated to the best of her ability.

A huge thank you goes to the kids who supported and encouraged Girl Child especially the house captain. Thank you for supporting my Girl and showing a great supportive attitude to others.

My faith in human nature is restored.

I read Chantelle's 9 things I learnt from blogging and decided this needed a picture. I found this one over on We Heart It and thought it was perfect. I'm going to print it out for Girl Child.



Zoƫ said...

That's beautiful.
It's amazing how sometime help comes in such unexpected ways, and how something so simple can mean so much to us.

Anna said...

That is just so beautiful. I am so happy for you all!

Marita said...

That is so amazing. I'm tearing up with joy.

Sadie Dear said...

What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing: my day is a little sunnier. =)


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