Thursday, 22 July 2010

Today I went over to the dark side…

No, I haven’t converted over to Dark Chocolate.

I went to the Target Toy Sale.


ON THE FIRST DAY!  How scary is that?

I actually wasn't there to go to the Target Toy Sale.  I was there to pay for my Car Registration, and to do some other stuff.  But for some strange reason I choose to go today and it was the day the Target Sale started. I have heard Horror stories about these Mid Year Toy Sales.  Stories of frantic people taking things out of other peoples trolleys, lay-by queues wrapping around the entire store and shoppers ramming each other to get to the last item on the shelf first.  I have even heard of people (crazy, perhaps) going at 12.01 am when the sale starts just to get a particular item.

So I was at the shops and it suddenly hit me. The Toy Sale started today!  Despite giving Girl Child and Boy Child the brochures to look at and in Girl’s case to circle her dream items, I never really thought I would go in the first week that the Sale was on.  But as I was there this morning I went in.  And it was calm.  I don't know maybe I was there at the eye of the storm but there were no ramming shopping trolleys, people were polite and there was space to wander around.  Which is what I did for 90 minutes.

I picked up things, and carried them around for a while before finding a pull along basket.  Then I picked up some more things, added them to the basket and wandered around towing the red basket behind me.  Eventually I put some things back and bought some books and craft type items to be put away -  probably for Christmas.  I did not buy computer or console games as I figure by the time Christmas comes they will be cheaper and the kids may not even like them anymore.  I didn't not buy Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony things despite knowing how much Girl loves them and says “I need them, Mum.”

It was not quite the adventure I expected.  I actually didn't mind wandering around for the time I did.  I saw, I shopped and I conquered.  I didn't bring home a trolley full of stuff and I don’t have buyers remorse. Go Me!

To everyone else in Australia who went today or plans to go: Good Luck and I hope it is / was as calm for you as it was for me.


Lucy said...

I must admit, I avoided my usual shopping centre as it contains a Target.....but it doesn't sound too bad...

Ratz said...

Oh well... you are so right... going to any sale on the very first day is fatal.. ;-) Lucky for you to survive... Congrats on the victory.... champagne!!


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