Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Girl with Attitude!

That's Girl Child. She is 6 and has attitude. She also has red hair. These two issues may or may not be related. On ocassions it is a very bad attitude. Like last year when I didn't bring the right bag for the preschool library and I 'ruined her life'. Add to that the fact that she did spend much of last year and some of this year storming off to her room stating "I'm going to find a new family."

This charming (NOT!) attitude has continued into school. While I have beeen concerned about it and people have suggested parenting classes for me our lovely paediatrician told me that if Girl Child's attitude was bad at school as well as at home then it wasn't my parenting! Thanks for the much needed confidence boast.

Anyway the attitude at home is no longer related to us ruining her life by some seemingly (to us) issue or her going to get a new family but is still there in spades. It's also there at school and she is on Behviour Plan 7 or 8 for this year. Thankfully not all of them have been for violence, a few have been for not listening. Where am I going with this? Well today when helping with guided reading the Deputy prinicpal came into her Kindy class to talk to her and another child. Yes 6 years old and having the deputy come to discuss her behaviour with her. Scary stuff! Well in my opinion anyway.

Hopefully come Friday evening this attitude will be a thing of the past or at least a lot more manageable. You see we always knew she didn't sleep well. And snored and had bad breath but it was only November last year when it suddenly clicked that maybe all these things were tied together. So off we went to an ENT. I still feel pretty stupid that we didn't put it all together sooner but hey we got it eventually.

First ENT appointment lead to a wait and see approach was fine. Lovely paed suggested nasonex and that helped with the snoring and bad breath to a certain extent. Went back at the ENT for a follow up and the decision is made to remove her adenoids. So the big event is Friday. in the afternoon! Poor kid has to fast from 7 am. Here's hoping once her adenoids are out that Girl with Attitude starts to sleep properly (did I mention she doesn't really sleep through?) she will be Girl with a little a attitude instead.

So bring on Friday evening. Here's to a smooth operation, a good recovery, finally sleeping through the night more frequently than a couple of nights a week, a positive change in both attitude and behaviour, and NO MORE BEHAVIOUR PLANS!

Of course if the attitude doesn't improve I guess we can think about it being hair colour related. I wonder if peroxide or dye may help??? Just kidding.....

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wow I'm finally blogging!

I have been following a few people's blogs and have finally decided to start my own. I'm a little bit of a technophobe and Boy Child has had a blog for much longer than me (probably by about 2 years) and he is only 11.

Mr E. has a few blogs. Pretty much IT stuff or random stuff and I think he might be impressed that I have decided to blog myself. Of course I'm not really sure what I want to do with this blog yet.

Anyway this is a start so I might leave it here for the moment.

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